Earn 2500 – 5000 SunPoints!

How to Earn 2500 – 5000 SunPoints

We’d love to hear how our superfoods have helped YOU! Please send us a video testimonial, telling us how one (or more!) Sunfood products have made a difference in your life. Any testimonial would be awesome, whether it’s about a product, or Sunfood in general.
We’re looking for videos from 1-5 minutes in length, nothing fancy, just talk to us about your experience with Sunfood.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3:
1.  Shoot your video
2.  Upload to YouTube
3.  Send us a link!

(If you’re using your phone’s camera it probably has a “Share” button with a YouTube option for quick and easy uploading)

Please make sure that your video is of usable quality, and that you have good lighting – let us see that beautiful face!

Everyone that sends us a video testimonial of usable quality will be awarded 2500 SunPoints! Then a Grand Prize of 5000 SunPoints will be awarded for our favorite video!

Quick Recap on SunPoints
SunPoints are our way of giving back and saying thanks! Every time you place an order at, you’ll earn SunPoints for each product which you can then use to help pay for future orders. It’s a discount you get just for shopping with us! Learn more here.

More Ways We Give Back to You…

Raw Pumpkin Pie, anyone? Check out our scrumptious fall treats and more here!

FREE SHIPPING! Orders over $125 in the continental U.S. get free shipping, and all other destinations get an automatic 10% off orders over $125 to help with freight costs.*
Don’t forget to send your video testimonials and get 2500-5000 SunPoints!
*Bulk items excluded

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