Give a Gift to Help Save the Planet

Give a Gift to Help Save the Planet

Are you ready to make a positive impact in your world?
Did you know that Americans are throwing out over 33 million tons of food every year? It’s single largest component of U.S. municipal waste with nearly 40% percent of all edible food lost from farm to fork to landfill. That’s equivalent to $165 billion a year, and one of the largest contributors to methane emissions in the US.(1)

BerryBreezeBut you can help cut those numbers down. If you’re tired of wasting food, throwing your money away, and would rather be a part of the solution, now is the perfect time to add BerryBreeze™ to your home – or give to someone you love this holiday season. While you’re saving money and reducing waste, Mother Earth will be thanking you.

A Simple Way to Help Stop Food Waste

  • BerryBreeze is the only refrigerator product to use a superior patented technology that produces activated oxygen that can help stop food waste.
  • BerryBreeze keeps your fruits, vegetables, and other food in your fridge from spoilage and decay 2-3 times longer, while maintaining freshness and nutritional value.(2)
  • BerryBreeze saves an estimated $2200 per year per household. That’s about $183 per month.(1)
  • BerryBreezecompletely eliminates all unwanted odors, tastes and smells from your refrigerator and your food.
  • BerryBreeze™can help feed the planet. If we save just 15% of wasted food, it would be enough to help feed 25 million people.(1)
Here is a Short Video on How it Works!

“This is the best product I have bought in years. I have had cauliflower in the refrigerator for 5 weeks. It was huge. It still looks like it did the day I bought it.” – Carol
The technology is simple. BerryBreeze™ is a small, lightweight, battery-operated, activated oxygen (O3) generator. It has no filters to clean and there is no maintenance required. By circulating pure, activated oxygen, this revolutionary product keeps your food fresh while completely eliminating all unwanted odors, tastes and smells from your fridge and your food.
“I already have one BerryBreeze™ and just love it! Mushrooms last for weeks, now! WOW! This will go in my second fridge!” – Alice

“Saves you a lot of money…imagine not throwing away fruits and veggies after a week.” – Sara

“I purchased BerryBreeze™ with high hopes that it would sustain my fruits and veggies for weeks, and that it would sanitize my fridge and eliminate any mold/bacteria that causes odor. To my delight, and my husband’s surprise after 2 weeks of use, my refrigerator never smelled so fresh, and the produce purchased 2 weeks ago is still fresh! I would highly recommend this product, it truly works, and it truly does pay for itself in what you save in wasting spoiled produce.” – Debarah


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BerryBreeze™ keeps food fresher for longer so it ends up on your plate, not in a landfill. It’s a simple way for you to make a difference in your life and in the world!

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Sources: (1) National Resources Defense Council August 2012   (2) R&D Enterprises of Walnut Creek, CA


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