How to Boost Immunity + Get More Protein Than Meat

How to Boost Immunity + Get More Protein Than Meat

Fresh Water Micro-Vegetables = Nutritional Powerhouses

Spirulina Crunchies™ and Chlorella are both made up of a whopping 65% protein including all eight essential amino acids! Perhaps most importantly, they’re traditionally known to assist the body with detoxification, specifically with flushing out heavy metals and radioactive particles. A major source of chlorophyll (which is nearly identical in chemical composition to red blood cells), both of these amazing algae are loaded with antioxidants, B vitamins, iron, and vitamin A. These micro-vegetables confirm that the best things come in little packages!

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How to Use Spirulina Crunchies™ and Chlorella

You can experience the benefits of chlorella tabs by swallowing with water, adding to smoothies, or eating them out of the bag. Spirulina Crunchies™ can be added to smoothies, salads, or you can enjoy their crunchiness straight out of the bag as well! Don’t think algae can be yummy? Try this Savory Trail Mix and taste for yourself!

The Sunfood Difference™

Raw and non-GMO, Sunfood Chlorella and Spirulina Crunchies™ are grown in isolated pools in pristine environments to ensure their utmost purity. With no binders, fillers, or additives, they are gently dried at low temperature to preserve delicate enzymes and nutrients. Both superfoods are also free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

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Food for Thought

Our strain of broken cell wall chlorella, Chlorella pyreneidosa, is the only species that contains significant quantities of CGFs (Chlorella Growth Factors). CGFs nourish and replenish the body and can activate T-cells and B-cells which help our bodies fight against viruses and bacteria. CGFs are not found anywhere in nature except in chlorella.

Used by the Aztecs long ago, spirulina is one of nature’s richest and most complete sources of nutrition with over 100 different vital nutrients. It is a renowned source of protein, chlorophyll, trace minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It even contains omega 3s and 6s, DHA and a rare essential fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid (GLA), found in mother’s milk.

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