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If we could only eat ONE superfood for the rest of our lives, THIS would be it!

If we could only eat ONE superfood for the rest of our lives, THIS would be it!

Nov 9th 2014

Sunfood Goji Berries

Before we tell you about the amazing health benefits of goji berries, there is one thing you should know:

Not every goji is created equal.

Not only are our sun-dried Goji Berries raw, organic, and non-GMO, they are tested by a third party laboratory to be free of mold, heavy metals and pesticides to ensure purity beyond organic certification. Unlike other gojis, ours are sweet and moist—just the way they should be!

“These are by far the freshest gojis I’ve ever experienced. A local store has recently begun carrying organic goji berries in bulk. The quality does not compare to Sunfood’s!” – T


Why Are Goji Berries So Good for You?
Antioxidant Rich

One study showed that healthy adults aged 55-72 experienced significantly increased antioxidant levels, leading researchers to conclude that goji berries “might help prevent or reduce free radical-related conditions.”1



Goji berries are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants associated with longevity.

The legend of master Chinese herbalist Li Ching Yuen’s long life was said to be mere folklore until an Imperial Chinese government record was found from 1827, congratulating Li Ching-Yuen on his 150th birthday. In addition to his practice of Qigong, an ancient exercise of breathing and movement, Yuen was said to have consumed goji berries daily.



According to Dr. Earl Mindell, R.Ph., M.H., Ph.D., bestselling author of 50 books on healing and nutrition, the polysaccharides in goji berries are known to be “a powerful secretagogue, (a substance that stimulates the secretion of rejuvenative human growth hormone [HGH] by the pituitary gland).”2


Stimulating our bodies to produce HGH is essential for retaining youth because we naturally produce less and less of it the older we get.


Overall Wellness

In one study, healthy adults who consumed the juice of goji berries for two weeks filled out questionnaires to track changes to their overall health.


The results showed significantly increased ratings for energy levels, athletic performance, quality of sleep, ease of awakening, ability to focus on activities, mental acuity, calmness, and feelings of health, contentment, and happiness. Researchers concluded that goji “increases subjective feelings of general well-being, and improves neurologic/psychologic performance.3


Eye Health

Sunfood Goji BerriesIn one study, goji berries were found to increase antioxidant levels in the blood and protect elderly subjects from macular degeneration.

Researchers concluded that consuming goji berries for 90 days increases “antioxidant levels as well as protects from hypopigmentation and soft drusen accumulation in the macula of elderly subjects.”4



Gojis are known to increase libido. An ancient Chinese proverb says it all, warning men who travel far from their wives: “He who travels one thousand kilometers from home should not eat goji!”


Super Nutritious

Goji berries are a delicious energy-boosting superfood loaded with nutrients. A good source of potassium, iron, and selenium, they also have B vitamins, calcium, zinc, fiber and even protein!

Try Something Different!!

Sunfood Goji Berry PowderCheck out one of our newest offerings… Goji Berry Powder. Potent and super easy to use, Goji Berry Powder will give you the energy boost you’ve been craving, without the crash! Loaded with the same nutrients and health benefits as whole fruit, this superfood powder is the easy-to-use superfood powder you’ve been missing!

We know that it has to be easy to add a new superfood to your diet, or it may just sit in your pantry collecting dust. Luckily, adding Goji Berry Powder is as easy as it gets! All you need to do is simply blend one teaspoon into your smoothies, fruit juices, yogurt, or your favorite dessert recipe, and you’re set!


Want to try a NEW smoothie?

This amazing recipe is a Sunfood staff favorite! Made with organic local fruit, Camu Camu, Mangosteen Powder and Goji Berry Powder--  it’s deliciously loaded with antioxidants and energizing nutrients to boost your day!


Bounce Back Smoothie

Bounce Back Smoothie

Great for on the go or on the couch – goji berries are the easiest, most delicious superfood to add into your diet! Give them both a try!

Sunfood Goji Berries

Goji Berries


Sunfood Goji Berries

Goji Berries


Sunfood Goji Berry Powder

Goji Berry Powder


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