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Incredible Story: How Tocotrienols Changed A Life Forever

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Incredible Story: How One Superfood Changed a Life Forever
We are lucky to hear some amazing superfood success stories from our customers, and sometimes we find one we feel is truly powerful, heart-warming, and worth sharing. Below is Danny’s remarkable story…

“You are amazing and your products are life changing” – Danny

“I had to send you a message all the way from the UK. It’s a long story so I will be brief. I was attacked and robbed leaving a bank 3 years ago. I was left in a coma for 11 months and I’ve needed 39 operations. I’m on huge amounts of medications and I’m disabled now, but I have a strong mind. My skin was dry and my hair fell out after one of the surgeries. I guess the stress was too much for my body to cope with. My skin dried up and was so sore and red and irritated all over my body. My joints ached and I aged maybe 15 years in a matter of 2 years.

“Then I went online, read up about tocotrienols and I bought a tub of your product. I ate it and used it as a skin treatment. I literally covered the bad areas in it like a body mask. Within about 30 days, I noticed my skin changing. It became smooth and supple and glowing. People started to comment on how well I was looking. My hair started to grow back thick, dark and shiny. My joint pain calmed down and my whole body feels revitalized totally. I look younger – I actually think I look better than before all of this happened.

“As I had more surgeries, I let the staples heal, then applied the tocotrienols mixture to the scarring and it made them go flatter and fade. On my face, my skin is so smooth and soft. Even the dermatologist was amazed and asked what I was using. No words can thank you, really no words, as you helped me to get my life back after such a terrible time. Thank you with all my heart.”

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How could Tocotrienols/Rice Bran Solubles have such an effect?
Until recently, vitamin E was thought to be composed of several tocopherols. A new class of compounds related to the tocopherols has been discovered, and these compounds are called tocotrienols.

The typical use for our tocotrienols (stabilized rice bran solubles) is to add to a smoothie, but Danny got creative. He used tocotrienols directly on the areas that needed it most, knowing that vitamin E “functions as an antioxidant in the human body.”1

Scientific research has revealed some amazing findings. One study stated that “tocotrienols possess powerful neuroprotective…and cholesterol lowering properties that are often not exhibited by tocopherols.” 1 This report further noted that “the body cannot manufacture its own vitamin E and foods and supplements must provide it.” 1

The Sunfood Difference™
There are currently four named tocotrienols: alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocotrienols. All 4 of these are contained in our Tocotrienols/Rice Bran Solubles, a vegan and pesticide-free product.
Food For Thought
Vitamin E has been found to be “physiologically the most important lipid-soluble chain-breaking antioxidant.”2 Most notably, it has been revealed that alpha-tocotrienol has “40-60 times higher antioxidant activity” than alpha-tocopherol.2
Be sure to get your vitamin E, and especially the super powerful tocotrienols!


1 – “Tocotrienols: Vitamin E beyond tocopherols.” Life Sciences Journal, March 27, 2006.
2 – “Free radical recycling and intramembrane mobility in the antioxidant properties of alpha-tocopherol and alpha-tocotrienol.” Free Radical Biology & Medicine Journal, 1991.



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