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Lose Weight, Moisturize Your Skin, Nourish Your Hair & More, All With One Superfood!

By now you’ve certainly heard of Coconut Oil, but you may not have heard of all the things you can do with it. The amount of benefits coconut oil has is ASTOUNDING! It’s become one of the most popular superfoods around, and for good reason.
Before we get into that, there is a huge difference between our Coconut Oil and other brands – namely that ours is Raw and Extra-virgin (and certified Organic and Non-GMO of course!). We make a huge effort to get the absolute BEST coconut oil we can find. And it’s totally worth the effort.
Sunfood Coconut OilSunfood Coconut Oil is super pure, and actually tastes GOOD! A lot of other coconut oils are really lacking in the flavor department, and don’t work so well in smoothies and for cooking.
Ours can be simply added to any smoothie for a super coconut kick, or used in place of other oils for cooking. It actually works really well for high-heat cooking which many oils cannot do. The flavor and intoxicating smell are AMAZING!
Plus, you get the added benefit of healthy fats (called medium-chain fatty acids) that can actually help you LOSE WEIGHT! One study showed that subjects consuming MCFA experienced “decreased body fat related to increased metabolic rate.”1

What Else Can Coconut Oil Do for You?

What’s really cool is all the other ways you can use coconut oil. We’ve got a list of 30 different uses you can read here, but we’ll highlight a few of our favorites below.


Because our coconut oil is so pure, it works amazingly well as a moisturizer. Simply apply coconut oil topically on your body and face to keep skin supple.

Hair Care

The high quality of our coconut oil also lets you tame frizzy hair and flyaways, or just keep your hair shiny and smooth (also helps with dandruff!). Massage coconut oil onto dry hair and scalp an hour before your shower, or even overnight with your head covered to protect your pillow.


Believe it or not, coconut oil is AWESOME for removing gum (and glue-residue) from any surface – including carpets and hair. We don’t know how so many rugrats end up with gum in their hair, but they do – now you’ve got a great solution!

Massage Oil

Our unrefined, 100% pure coconut oil makes a great massage oil. The heavenly aroma will relax you, and it’s great for soothing sore and tired muscles.


Join us in our adventure for optimal health, led by our own raw, organic, GMO free coconut oil! 

1 – “Enhanced thermogenesis and diminished deposition of fat in response to overfeeding with diet containing medium chain triglyceride” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Apr 1982

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