New Decadent Superfood: We Found a “JEM”!

JEM Almond Butter

Try This Superfood “JEM” for Yourself!

JEM Almond ButtersImagine dipping a crisp autumn apple into creamy, silky smooth almond butter… except this isn’t your typical almond butter. This one is supercharged with energizing red maca, warming cinnamon, aromatic vanilla and sweet coconut palm sugar. It has all the rich almond flavor you love, with the nutrition and benefits of certified organic superfoods!

And our favorite part? That’s just one of the three mouthwatering flavors of almond butter from JEM! We were absolutely blown away at how irresistibly delicious these specialty almond butters are, and we think you will be too.

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From the simple, pure ingredients, to the label printed on recycled paper, so much love and care goes into every artisanal jar. Each delectable nut butter is raw, vegan, organic, non-GMO, low-glycemic and gluten free – and made as healthy as possible by soaking and sprouting the almonds before they’re stone ground. In the sprouting process, fats and starches are broken down, making them easier for the body to use as energy and not store as fat. Plus, soaking activates enzymes and reduces phytic acid, a substance which reduces your ability to absorb minerals.

The Mouthwatering Flavors

Cinnamon Red Maca Almond Butter – This creamy blend of sprouted almonds, warming cinnamon and energizing raw maca is a true and balanced fuel! Maca is an adaptogen that helps the body deal with stress and is known to increase stamina, boost libido, and combat fatigue. Silky smooth and satisfying, it will leave you feeling amazing!
Coconut Cardamom Almond ButterCoconut Cardamom Almond Butter – You’ll want to use a golden spoon to enjoy the riches of this blend of cardamom, activated sprouted almonds, coconut and lucuma fruit. Loaded with calcium, iron and 20% protein, it’s super healthy, but that’ll probably be the last thing on your mind when you experience this pure JEM ambrosia!
Maqui Camu Camu Super Berry Butter – The sweet and complex flavor of super berries maqui and camu camu blends perfectly with creamy almond butter and coconut palm sugar. Loaded with immune-boosting antioxidants, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and iron, this JEM is packed for high-adventure and is a delectable way to get your camu camu!

“The taste and quality is exceptional! I love that there are companies like JEM providing organic, raw, vegan products, and I love that they’re so delicious. I cheerfully tell my coworkers that it’s “bliss in a jar!” – Kelley


Healthy Indulgence

Grab your spoon and eat straight out of the jar! Or try pouring over apples or sliced banana. Spread onto your favorite breakfast bread, fill a crepe, drizzle over ice cream or add to a smoothie. Scrumptious!


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