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NEW Exclusive Product!

April Fools!

Just kidding. We are just having a little fun with you all.

We do hope though that you had a fun April Fools and in case you missed it we actually did launch some new and exciting products. Check them out!

Acai Maqui Bowl Mix, 6oz, Organic

Acai Maqui Bowl Mix

Awesome acai, magical maqui, and brilliant blueberries! – this extraordinary superfood blend makes it easy to create your own nutritious açaí bowls at home.

Our Açaí Maqui Bowl Mix is a delicious blend of our favorite antioxidant-rich superberries and other amazing superfoods for good measure, like red maca, chia and lucuma.

Simply blend with a frozen banana or two and top with your favorite add-ons like granola and fruit. There are no added sugars, no artificial flavors or colors, and no preservatives. Just pure, organic ingredients.

Matcha Green Tea Powder, 4oz, Organic - Front


Matcha Powder is a unique type of tea made from whole Japanese green tea leaves. Before harvest, the plant is kept shaded from the sun. This results in boosted chlorophyll content and an incredibly vibrant emerald color.

Matcha is a known energy booster and is roughly ten times more potent than regular green tea. The process of grinding the whole leaf into a super fine powder yields a higher concentration of nutrients and a stronger flavor profile.

Our Matcha Powder is pure and simple. No additives are used at any point in the process.

Black Maca Powder, 4oz, Raw, Organic - Front

Black Maca

Maca root was a sacred crop of the Incas, with Black Maca being the most rare and valuable. Its dark pigments and adaptogenic compounds are known to improve hormone balance & libido in men and women, and may increase potency in men.

Maca was cherished by Incan warriors for its power to increase energy, stamina and strength for battle. Today, athletes are enjoying the same benefits discovered centuries ago.

Grown at a high elevation in its native habitat in the Peruvian Andes, our Black Maca Powder is simply made by grinding sun-dried roots into a fine powder.

Gelatinized Maca Powder, 8oz, Organic - Front

Gelatinized Maca

Maca root was a sacred crop of the Incas, praised for its ability to enhance energy, endurance and strength. In more recent times it’s also been studied for beneficial effects on hormone balance, libido, and fertility.

Our Gelatinized Maca Powder is a concentrated form made for easier digestion than raw powder.

An extrusion process breaks down hard to digest starches and enhances Maca’s bioavailability without compromising its beneficial properties.

Moringa Powder, Organic, Raw 8oz


Moringa Powder is a nutritionally complex green superfood that simultaneously nourishes and detoxifies the body.

Unlike many conventional supplements and multi-vitamins, moringa leaf powder is a whole food — meaning its abundant nutrients are easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

Mix into your morning smoothie, and feel the energizing, immune boosting, anti-stress and detoxifying effects of this concentrated superfood for yourself!


Shilajit Capsules 700mg | 90ct.

Shilajit Capsules

Shilajit’s origin lies in the ancient organic plant material preserved in the dark crevices of the Himalayan Mountains. As the sun warms up the mountain and melts the snow, a soft, heavy resin seeps out and is collected by local farmers.

This thick resin is then dried and ground into a fine powder known as shilajit, meaning “rock-invincible” in Sanskrit. It is high in iron with important nutrients like fulvic acid, calcium, selenium and magnesium.

Our raw Shilajit powder is meticulously harvested by hand at high altitudes to ensure the purest product possible. It is then purified to remove any contaminants, low-temperature dried and tested to be free of pollutants before being encapsulated in an organic, vegan friendly capsule.

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