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Our NEW Anti-microbial, Anti-viral Mineral Supplement is HERE!

Our NEW Anti-microbial, Anti-viral Mineral Supplement is HERE!

Mar 26th 2015

Super Nano Silver

Introducing Super Nano Silver!

Coated Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles

After years of research and testing, we are finally releasing the safest, most potent, and most effective silver product we’ve ever experienced. Our Super Nano Silver contains 300mcg of colloidal silver per 6 drops - just a tiny serving with huge benefits!

The brownish color of our Super Nano Colloidal Silver is due to the amount of light-absorbing nanoparticles. You can literally see how potent it is! Super Nano Silver

Super Nano Silver

  • Highest & Safest Concentration in The World – 1000ppm
  • Best & Highest Particle Uniformity
  • Smallest Particle Size  10 nanometers
  • Ultra-long Shelf Life
  • Researched and Reliable TRUE Colloidal Silver
  • Best & Highest Stability in Foods and Liquids

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Silver is known for its anti-microbial effects1, and has been proven to inhibit viral infections2. Many people believe in its ability to help prevent illness and decrease recovery time. Just a few drops of our tasteless silver solution is all it takes.

The Sunfood Difference There are 6 major reasons why our Super Nano Colloidal Silver is so remarkable:

  • Incredibly small particle size, only 10 nanometers
  • Very high but very safe concentration of 1000ppm
  • 300mcg Silver in only 6 drops 
  • Remains effective no matter what liquid you add it to
  • Incredibly stable with a long shelf-life
  • Proprietary coating that allows all this to be possible

The coating is made from a naturally occurring polysaccharide, and allows the slow release of ions for maximum performance.

The coating not only ensures a uniform dispersion of particles (no clumping), it acts as a safe harbor for the particles to enter the blood stream harmlessly while increasing effectiveness.

However, one of the most unique benefits is the coating’s ability to allow the silver to be added to soup, smoothies, juices, milk, or any other liquid without damaging its efficacy.

Just add a few drops of our tasteless Super Nano Silver to your favorite beverage and let it go to work!

Try our Super Nano Silver today!

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1.“Antimicrobial effects of silver nanoparticles” [Nanomed Nanotechnol Biol Med. 2007;1:95-101] 2.“Interaction of silver nanoparticles with Tacaribe virus” [Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2010]