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The Benefits of Hemp Protein

What is Hemp Protein?
The hemp plant is known for its incredible versatility as an industrial crop and its raw seeds have recently gained popularity as a heart-healthy superfood. By grinding the seeds into a fine powder, we are able to create an excellent plant-based protein powder, perfect for vegan, vegetarian or hypoallergenic lifestyles.

Per serving:
15g Protein  |  4.5g EAA  |  2.1g BCAA

How is it different?
Hemp Protein is 50% protein by weight which is lower than other plant-based proteins. However, this is because it’s an excellent source of fiber. One serving has 28% daily recommended fiber which contributes to healthy digestion and feeling fuller for longer (which can help with weight loss).

Hemp Protein is also a good source of Omega-6 and Omega-3. These omega fatty acids are the reason for hemp’s popularity as a heart-healthy food. Omega-3s have been shown to reduce cardiovascular disease risk, as well as inflammatory responses in the cardiovascular system, arrhythmia, and stroke.1 Omegas can also support healthy brain function and cognitive abilities, including memory and mood.2

In addition, Hemp Protein contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals in significant amounts including Manganese (225% Daily Value), Magnesium (90% DV), Iron (80% DV), Phosphorous (48% DV), Zinc (40% DV), Copper (33% DV), Folate (30% DV),Vitamin B1 (30% DV), Vitamin B6 (24%), and Vitamin B3 (21%).

Hemp Protein is ideal for building muscle, assisting with weight loss, aiding healthy digestion, supporting heart and brain health and providing vital nutrients to strengthen immunity.

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What Are The Benefits of Hemp?

Hemp has always been a popular product among rope and jewelry-makers, but it’s not always something we put first on our list when we think of health supplements; however, organic hemp protein has been proven an important part in maintaining good health.  Hemp protein contains important branched-chain amino acids, along with the nine other essential amino acids and fatty acids.  Keep reading to discover how organic hemp protein can change your life and make you into a healthier person. 

Where Did Hemp Get its Start? 

Hemp was first grown throughout the countries of Asia and the Middle East; once its many uses were discovered, it spread in popularity and became a staple product in Europe and the United States.  Hemp has been a vital material in the areas of building supplies, plastics, automotive applications, and foods.  Apart from its use in manufacturing, doctors and specialists agree that hemp protein can provide the human body with incredible health benefits.  At one point, hemp was such an important part of our American culture that it was grown in excess – with President George Washington a hemp farmer himself. 

Is it Marijuana? 

Some people are concerned that hemp is the same thing as marijuana and that consuming the plant in any form will get them high.  While hemp is related to the marijuana plant, it contains only a microscopic amount of THC and will not make you high or give you any type of a “buzz”.  While hemp is currently illegal to grow in some parts of the United States, it is not illegal to consume and is in no way considered a drug. 

What is Hemp Protein Like? 

Hemp protein comes from the seeds on the hemp plant; once these are harvested, they are then ground into a fine powder-like substance.  Many people compare the taste of hemp protein to that of nuts.  While hemp protein doesn’t always win awards for its flavor, the health benefits it presents make up for its less-than-perfect taste.  Other people find the nutty-flavor appealing and actually add it liberally to many dishes and snacks.    

How Can I Use Hemp Protein? 

Hemp protein is one supplement that can be used in a wide variety of ways – in fact, once you start using it, you’ll find that the sky is the limit to your possibilities.  Those who aren’t crazy about the taste often choose to add hemp protein to their shakes or drinks, giving it a better texture and making it easy to drink since the flavor is masked.  Other people who enjoy the nutty-taste choose to liberally sprinkle it over their salads, mix it in their yogurt, and bake it in their cooked meals. Hemp protein can be eaten raw or cooked, depending on your preference. 

Who Can Benefit from Hemp Protein Powder?

Hemp protein is a vital supplement to maintaining good health and should be used by everyone. Due to its rich protein levels, hemp is a favorite among vegetarians and vegans who are unable to absorb protein through the consumption of meat products.  People who suffer from sensitive stomachs also find hemp easy-to-digest, making it more popular than other products that can be hard on the digestive tract. hemp protein powder

How Can Hemp Protein Help You? 

Hemp protein is one natural, plant-based supplement that supplies a full-level of protein, twenty amino acids, and fiber.  Listed below are a few of the ways that hemp protein can provide amazing health benefits in your life: 

#1. Give Your Muscles a Boost. 

To keep our muscles in good shape, our bodies need protein – and we can’t create that on our own.  For our bodies to be able to build and repair muscles, we must have essential amino acids or proteins in our diets.  The amazing thing about hemp is that the seeds contain complete protein – every amino acid that your body could ever need is found in the hemp seed.  When you choose to consume hemp protein powder, you are giving your body exactly what it needs to thrive and regenerate muscle.  With one-ounce of hemp powder, you consume approximately 14 grams of protein. 

#2. Keep Your Heart Healthy with Fatty Acids. 

Fatty acids are an essential part of life and necessary for warding off heart disease along with reducing inflammation and helping with neurological conditions.  Similar to protein, our bodies are unable to make these important acids.  To keep your body in good shape, you need to consume approximately 0.8 to 1.1 grams of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) every day – which is great since one-ounce of hemp powder provides one gram of ALA.  In addition to important fatty acids, hemp also contains fiber which offers additional heart benefits. 

#3.  Get Your Digestive System on Track. 

Professionals say that women need to consume approximately 21 to 25 grams of fiber a day while men are recommended to take in 30 to 38 grams.  Rather than grabbing for a fiber-filled cereal that contains processed ingredients, turn to natural hemp powder.  When included in a shake, hemp protein provides as much as 19 percent of the necessary fiber intake.  Fiber helps to get your digestive system working properly while preventing problems such as constipation and reducing the need for laxatives. 

The Sunfood Difference

We recognize that hemp protein is a valuable supplement that can help change the lives of our customers.  As such, as are proud to offer a selection of completely natural, organic hemp products.  Our hemp products have gone through a low amount of processing, making it possible for them to retain the greatest amount of nutrients.  As with all of our products, our Hemp Protein and Hemp Seeds are certified organic and Non-GMO, unrefined, and contain no chemicals.    

Whether you are on a plant-based diet and looking for a way to naturally absorb plant-based protein or someone who simply wants to take advantage of hemp’s amazing health benefits, our hemp protein powder is the perfect addition to your diet.  Give your muscles the boost they need while regulating your digestive system and keeping your heart healthy. 

1. “Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Cardiovascular Disease: New Recommendations From the American Heart Association.” Kris-Etherton PM, Harris WS, Appel LJ, 2003.
2. “Fatty acid analysis of blood plasma of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, other types of dementia, and cognitive impairment.” University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 2000.


Sunfood’s “Natural Solutions” does not promote or suggest natural cures, natural healing or natural remedies for any disease, disorder or ailment thereof. This information should be treated as educational material gathered and discovered from various studies, clinical trials and customer reviews. It is designed to encourage healthy lifestyles, and independent conclusions in regards to natural products and alternative health choices. It is best to consult with your healthcare practitioner before attempting any form of natural cure, natural healing or natural remedy to any health issues.

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