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“Typical American Guy" Changes His Life & Creates Amazing Superfood Snacks!

“Typical American Guy" Changes His Life & Creates Amazing Superfood Snacks!

Dec 20th 2013

Going Raw - a Life Changing Experience

In 2006, Brad was the typical American guy – overweight, high cholesterol, low energy, didn’t sleep well. Sound familiar?

Meet BradBrad began to seriously reevaluate his life. He was at least 40 pounds overweight, mildly depressed because of a recent business failure, and prescribed the drug Lipitor to normalize high cholesterol levels.

Then he decided to adopt a predominantly raw food diet, and something truly remarkable happened. Within months, Brad felt like a completely different person. He had shed over 40 pounds, lowered his cholesterol levels, and discovered a youthful vigor and energy he hadn’t experienced since his mid-20s.

While Brad was completely invested in this new way of eating, he did miss traditional American snack food – something, as he says, “to put some crunch” in his diet. He started experimenting with raw chips made from fresh vegetables, sprouted flax seeds, buckwheat and an array of spices. 

He dehydrated the chips, keeping the temperature below 115 degrees, so as not to break his commitment to a raw diet.

His delicious homemade snacks were met with so much enthusiasm that a new company was born: Brad's Raw Foods. His snacks are so healthy and tasty, he even decided his dogs shouldn't be missing out, and made raw dog treats as well!

Best Raw Chips EVER!

Brad's Raw Chips

Brad's Raw Chips

A serious statement, we know! Truly, we have never had raw chips as tasty as Brad’s. Not only are they organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and kosher, but they have a delectable, light crunch that is irresistible! So many other raw chips are often tough and too dry. Not Brad's. Made with locally grown vegetables, seeds, herbs and spices, the flavors are out-of-control savory and zesty – we had to force ourselves to stop eating them!


Sweet Potato
Subtly sweet, a favorite for adults and kids alike.

Sun Dried Tomato
Craving Italian flavors? Tomato, basil and garlic make this the one for you.

Red Bell Pepper
For happy taste buds, eat out of the bag or dip in salsa or guacamole.

Sure to be a hit whether you’re a fan of beets or not.

Perfect for dipping, eating right out of the bag, or crumbling on soup or salad!

Mouthwatering Raw Leafy Kale! Brad's Raw Leafy Kale
Brad's Raw KaleAgain, we are not exaggerating here – these light, crispy kale chips are the best we’ve ever had, hands down! Imagine kale, one of the most nutritionally dense leafy greens, with pizzazz! Coated with flavorful, organic ingredients like raw cashews, sunflower seeds, & spices. The texture and flavors will have even the most staunch skeptics gobbling them up.

A delicate and delicious way to enjoy the simple things in life.

The tastiest cheesy snack around… without the cheese, that is.

Vampire Killer
Fresh garlic to keep the vampires away.

Nasty Hot
Add a little spice to your life with a kick of jalapeno.

Dog Treats Reinvented

Brad's Raw 4 PawsBecause Brad is such an animal lover, he decided to create the healthiest dog snack imaginable - Raw 4 Paws. The Yappy Yam flavor simply contains kale, yams, buckwheat, carrots, maple syrup, coconut oil, Himalayan salt, turmeric and lots of love.

Just like all Brad’s products, Raw 4 Paws are vegan, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, hand-crafted in the USA, and gently dehydrated below 115 degrees to keep enzymes and nutrients intact. Each chop-licking treat is made in cute little doggie bone shapes. Your pooch will love ‘em!

Last But Not Least

You can rest assured knowing that Brad’s Raw Foods is a conscious company. This means that great care is taken every step of the way, from how the foods are grown – locally sourced, organic, non-GMO - to the way they are processed – under 115 degrees, not baked or fried, in a gluten-free facility. Even the residual production materials are composted and returned to the fields.

From start to finish, Brad’s Raw Foods has blown our minds and wowed our taste buds with the most delicious, consciously made raw snacks for you and your canine friends too!


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