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Ultimate Tea Package

BOOST your immune system with Sunfood’s Ultimate Tea Package! Our tea package includes four of our most powerful immune boosting teas:

  • Pau D’arco has traditionally been used as a powerful anti-fungal.
  • Chuchuhuasi has widely been used as a powerful aid to the joints for centuries.
  • Chanca Piedra has been used to break up deposits of excess calcium in the body &
  • Cat’s Claw has a long history of use as a powerful anti-viral.

Andrew at Sunfood shares the following:

Combine these herbs in the following ratio:

1 teaspoon Pau D’Arco tea
1 teaspoon Chuchuhuasi tea
½ teaspoon Chanca Piedra tea
¼ teaspoon Cat’s Claw tea

Add these herbs to four cups of water. In the morning, upon rising, heat this mixture in a small saucepan on the lowest heat with the lid on for approximately 1 hour. As the mixture simmers, the essence of each herb is extracted in higher concentrations and the flavor intensifies. Strain the tea into a glass jar. Glass is preferable because it retains the heat longer and the glass will not react to the herbs. Please note that Pau D’Arco is sweet; Chuchuhusasi and Chanca Piedra are mild and Cat’s Claw is quite bitter. Experiment with the ratios to find what best suits your personal preferences. Let the mixture cool to body temperature and ENJOY!

Makes 4 cups of tea.


  • After straining the tea, place a few raw cacao beans into the tea. This will add a hint of chocolate flavor to the tea as well as add additional antioxidants contained in the cacao.
  • After straining the tea, place a few goji berries into the tea. This will add a hint of berry flavor to the tea as well as add additional antioxidants contained in the goji berries.
  • Use this tea as a base for your smoothies.
  • For each (1) cup of tea, stir in 1 tablespoon of yacon syrup for an extra boost to the immune system without raising blood sugar levels. It is best to stir in the sweetener after the tea has cooled to body temperature.
  • For a truly healing and energizing drink, combine two teaspoons of Sunfood Sun is Shining™ superfood, one teaspoon of Sunfood red maca (or for an extreme experience, substitute ½ teaspoon of Sunfood Maca Extreme™) – stir into each (1) cup of your tea blend. This will definitely energize your day!

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