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The Buzz on Ancient Civilizations’ Most Sacred Superfood

Raw Spanish Bee Pollen

For centuries, civilizations from around the globe have praised bee pollen as a sacred source of energy, rejuvenation, longevity and stamina.
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The Queen of Fruits: Modern Research and Ancient Wisdom Finally Agree

The Mystery of the Queen of Fruits

Mangosteen fruit, known as the “Queen of Fruits,” has been used for centuries by the people of Southeast Asia to treat an incredible array of ailments. We now know it contains an impressive variety of vitamins and minerals, but the most exciting components are a group of phytochemicals called xanthones. Continue reading

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The Truth About Coconut Oil

The Truth About Coconut Oil

Back in the 1950s, coconut oil was considered a healthy food. Thirty years later, the media went into a frenzy, charging that saturated fats cause heart disease. Continue reading

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