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Relaxing Bath Soak

Relaxing Bath Soak 1

Epsom Salts and magnesium oil work together to help naturally relax tight muscles. Pamper yourself with a luxurious bath after a long day

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Magnesium: Meet the Most Powerful Relaxation Mineral Available

I remember using magnesium when I worked in the emergency room. It was a critical “medication” on the crash cart. If someone was dying of a life-threatening arrhythmia (or irregular heart beat), we used intravenous magnesium

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Relieve Eczema the Natural Way

A painful and often debilitating disease, eczema is a skin disorder that is suffered by millions. Frequently treated with steroids, the immune system is further compromised Continue reading

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For a Change of pace, Here is the Top Health News from Our Friends Around the Web

Here are five important stories from of our friends around the web we wanted to share with you. Make sure you stay informed with the most effective ways to protect your immune system!
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Winter is Coming… Are You Prepared?

Our bodies have an amazing mechanism to defend against sickness, and it’s called the immune system. Let’s talk about our favorite immune-boosting superfoods! Continue reading

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Your Ticket to Peace is Just a Few Moments Away

Here are five of our favorite ways to break free of the cubicle claustrophobia and back into your personal space.
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Over Half the People You Know Are Deficient in This Vital Nutrient

Super You - Healthy Living & Well-Being Newsletter from Sunfood

Did you know that 57% of the U.S. population doesn’t meet daily magnesium requirements? Here’s what that means for you. Magnesium plays an integral role in over 300 of your body’s functions, from muscle relaxation and regulating blood pressure, to maintaining a healthy immune system and bone health. Continue reading

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Depressed? Anxious? No Energy? Magnesium Oil Can Help Restore Your Spark for Life!

  Are you among the millions of Americans who drink coffee, caffeinated tea or soda daily? Are you lacking in energy? What you might not know is that white flour, sugar, and caffeine can actually strip our body of magnesium, … Continue reading

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