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New Recipe: Bountiful Beetroot Hummus feat. Beet Powder

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Simple Trick Removes Pesticides from Your Vegetables & Fruits


Howard Garrett, also known as The Dirt Doctor, has compiled a number of uses for vinegar, including recipes for both internal use and use in your organic garden, which I will share with you here.

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You Asked for It…Brand New Superfood!

Goji Berry Powder

Do you want energy, vitality and longevity? You’re not alone and that’s why goji berries have been our #1 superfood for many years. Continue reading

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One Little Nut to Lose Weight, Lower Cholesterol & Make a Delicious Pumpkin Pie

Did you know that almonds have been found to actually facilitate weight loss? That’s right, healthy plants fats aren’t typically the weight gain culprits; it’s processed sugars and starches that tend to pack on the pounds and lead to health problems. Continue reading

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Hey Choco-holics! Guess what’s back in stock just in time for Halloween?

Just in time for Halloween, Raw, Organic Chocolates!We don’t know what’s scarier – monster costumes or the copious amounts of junk food that go hand-in-hand with Halloween. For the ultimate guilt-free decadence: Our raw, organic chocolate bars are back! Continue reading

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One Little Nut to Lose Weight, Boost Memory and Lower Cholesterol

Raw Almonds facilitate weight loss, boost memory, reduce bad cholesterol and decrease blood sugar & body fat   Studies have shown that almonds can boost memory, as well as reduce blood sugar levels, LDL (bad) cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Not bad for a nut! Continue reading

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Creative Ways to Spice Up Your Life (& Your Lunch)

It's Summer!These dish toppers and snack poppers have high nutrient contents, each one offering more than just great flavor. Boost your overall health while giving your taste buds a blast! Continue reading

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