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Cacao Powder, 1lb, Organic, Raw

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Non-GMO Project Verified Cacao Powder, 1lb, Organic, Raw CCOF Cacao Powder, 1lb, Organic, Raw Certified Raw Cacao Powder, 1lb, Organic, Raw Vegan Cacao Powder, 1lb, Organic, Raw
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Cacao (Chocolate) Powder, 1LB, Sunfood (raw, certified organic)

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Certified Organic Cacao Powder
The fruit of the cacao tree contains a small bean from which all chocolate is made. Cacao is an incredible health food in its natural state, filled with energy-boosting nutrients. Loaded with minerals such as magnesium which may contribute to normal bone health and healthy immune function, cacao is also high in copper and manganese. This amazing food has been revered for centuries by cultures such as the Aztec and Maya.

The Sunfood Difference™
Our cacao powder is made from only the finest variety of certified organic heirloom cacao beans, which have never been hybridized or genetically modified. Our cold-pressing process reduces the fat content of the cacao, allowing us to grind it down to create a fine, richly flavored, easy-to-use powder. Through this low temperature process, we are able to preserve the delicate nutrients and true, natural taste of raw cacao.

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This "Junk Food" Has More Antioxidants Than Most Foods on Earth

Brand Sunfood

Cacao has:

Magnesium which may contribute to normal bone health and immunity

which may assist in supporting strong bones

Potassium which may help maintain healthy blood pressure in combination with a low sodium diet

Selenium which may support a healthy immune system and assist neutralization of free radicals

Suggested Use

Add cacao powder to your favorite smoothie, yogurt and drinks to create healthy chocolate treats.


Certified organic raw cacao powder

Caution / Allergen Statement:
Packaged in a gluten-free facility. May contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts.
May contain a moisture absorbing desiccant pack. Do not eat.

Specifications Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA Organic, CCOF, Raw, Vegan, Earth Kosher, Sustainably-grown
Storage Reseal bag after opening. Store in a cool, dry place.

Simple Delicious Chocolate
Simple Delicious Chocolate


Brazil Nut Cacao Blast
Brazil Nut Cacao Blast


Customer Reviews

Yummmm! Worth every cent! Review by Ann
I have tried other cacao powders and found them to be a lot less yummy than Sunfood's cacao powder. Very rich chocolate flavor without any bitterness. Dissolves well in my nightime cup of coffee and milk. (Please don't hate on me because I can drink a cup of coffee before going to bed and sleep like a log. lol) Totally worth any extra cost over other brands! (Posted on 6/20/2016)
Amazing Review by Alexis
Since becoming a vegan 8 years ago, I must say that without Raw Cacao it would've been hard giving up chocolate. Every woman needs magnesium and loads of minerals!

Hands down the best tasting Cacao I've come across!
Thank you SUNFOOD! (Posted on 5/26/2016)
Chocolates! Review by gen
I make the most delicious chocolates with this Cocao powder. Raw+Organic! Tastes amazing. (Posted on 2/25/2016)
Organic Cacao Review by James
Quality is unmatched with this product... awesome taste and many benefits. (Posted on 11/14/2015)
Great quality Review by Alexandra
I have been ordering this products from Sunfood for the last three years. I love it in my smoothies. It has many health benefits. I am glad that Sunfood provides this in a form, where it is processed in a way that it keeps it's high antioxidant properties. (Posted on 11/12/2015)
Great Cacao Review by Amanda
I have tried several brands of cacao powder, and I love this one. I use it fairly often, in smoothies, hot chocolate, and health-conscious desserts. I definitely would purchase it again and I highly recommend using it in place of cocoa powder. (Posted on 10/22/2015)
Yum! Review by Shannon
Cacao Powder has quickly worked it's way into being one of my favorite treats! I use it all the time for its flavoring. I probably use it the most in my morning shakes, but I love it in datorade and energy balls as well! (Posted on 7/21/2015)
Love Review by Madalyn
I love this cacao powder, definitely the best I have tried. You can tell it is high quality and pure. When I found out they carried it in this
1lb bag, I was so happy! (Posted on 7/11/2015)
Taste, Smell, everything great! Review by Dan San
Talk about the pure, unadulterated taste and smell of raw, organic, cacao powder. Never thought I'd get something like this until I discovered SunFood.

I can add this stuff to vanilla flavored items and have them become a smoothy, creamy chocolate at any time.

When you see it, touch it, or taste it, you'll know that this product is fine, powdery and pure. Plus, you'll get the maximum benefits of cacao over anything "chocolate" you'll get from your mainstream supermarket. (Posted on 7/6/2015)
In Love Review by Rosemary
Wow, I never want to eat candy etc. This satisfies all those chocolate cravings and it is good for you!! Thank you Sunfood for offering such quality products. I think I will go make a chocolate smoothie right now! (Posted on 6/27/2015)
Crazy for Cocao Review by Madihouta
This is some seriously high quality cocao. I love it in my smoothies for the iron and energy boost benefits. I love the bitter chocolate taste... It goes especially well blended with some almond milk and a frozen banana for a delish smoothie. The Sunfood quality is superb over other brands I've tried. (Posted on 4/22/2015)
Too Good Review by Alli
Ever since I discovered cacao I have been obsessed with it. Sunfood's cacao is the best tasting one that I have tried, and it is worth the higher price because I don't have to use as much as I did other cacao powders. I love adding it to my smoothies, especially with bananas and berries. It combines amazingly well with mesquite powder too! (Posted on 4/20/2015)
LOVE Review by Felicia
Cacao was the first powder I got into when first making smoothies. So versatile, so delicious, goes with just about anything! Key ingredient for my Avocado Pudding!! LOVE THIS!!! (Posted on 3/17/2015)
my favorite cocoa Review by Lauren
I love this product - not too sweet, not too bitter, and a little bit goes a long way. It's great for hot cocoa or a boost to smoothies or other drinks. I've make chocolate frosting and other baked goods from scratch with it, and it's fantastic. A much healthier product than most of the other things out there. I always keep at least 2 packages in my kitchen! (Posted on 2/13/2015)
Delicious!!! Review by Cecilia
This product is amazing! I tried some other bands and this cacao powder is absolutely delicious! It's perfect for no baking deserts, shakes, chocolate bars, etc this family loves it! (Posted on 1/15/2015)
A Real Treat Review by Tracy Lynn
I follow a low carb diet and this is a way for me to feel I can have my treats and eat them too. I make ketogenic fudge with this and coconut oil and it never fails to please. I only recently started adding it to my smoothies and I'm actually noticing a change in my digestion too. It's loaded with Magnesium which those who struggle with IBS-C tend to be low in. I don't get the jitters or upset GI symptoms with this powder that I have gotten with other cacao powders. I've been a huge fan of Sunfood for YEARS. I will try this out for a month and then give the other cacao products a go....interested in trying the beans. I have a friend who is a triathlete who prefers to use these in his training vs honey or energy packs....good to know.

Looking forward to trying some hot cacao like the lady above had posted...that sounds fabulous (Posted on 12/8/2014)
Healthy and Tasty Drink Review by yee
The taste is very good and I treat it as my daily breakfast. I added some nuts, and chia seed. Having such a breakfast, I do not feel hungry and avoid taking many snacks before my lunch. (Posted on 11/23/2014)
Amazing quality! Review by LINDA
This cacao powder has an amazing flavor, not too sweet and not too bitter. Sometimes I use a little bit more than the 2 tsps and it never gives me acid reflux or stomach problem which sometimes happens when you eat low quality cacao. During the winter I have hot chocolate everyday for breakfast and it gives me plenty of energy to get to lunch time without cravings. It also made me forget about any other regular chocolates or snacks as this is so good than everything else now tastes bland and boring. I recommend this to everybody who is trying to switch to a more healhty lifestyle and have doubts they can cope with "organic" or vegan foods (which too often are thought to have a "weird flavor" by some people). My mother and sister tried this just once and decided to abandon conventional cacao drinks right away. This is so good you forget you are actually eating "heathly" nutrition packed superfood.
(Posted on 10/26/2014)
Cacao Review by Byron
I put this in just about everything, love it in my almond milk shake's!!! (Posted on 6/8/2014)
True chocolate Review by Jeffrey
Adds rich real chocolate flavor to so many things. (Posted on 5/22/2014)
Delicious! Review by Roger
I was glad to have it taste so good when I added it to plain yogart. It helped in my weight loss program also. (Posted on 5/21/2014)
Quality cacao! Review by Alan
Once again, I have tried several brands out there and still have to say this is one of my very favorite brands of cacao powder that I regularly use in my herbal tonic elixirs, smoothies and herbal foods bars. Excellent taste and balance! (Posted on 4/1/2014)
Yummy Review by Jessica
This cacao powder makes delicious hot chocolate when mixed with warm milk and maple syrup. Yummy chocolate syrup when mixed with coconut oil. It mixes in very well! (Posted on 3/8/2014)
Great on so many levels Review by David
I add it to "dessert" smoothies to give them a different flavor. Keeps me from eating the not so healthy desserts. I also use it to add flavor to my protein shakes. (Posted on 2/17/2014)
Excellent!!! Review by Kristen
I love this stuff! There are so many things you can make with it. My husband is lactose intolerant and hasn't eaten chocolate in years. He was so excited to have product like this! (Posted on 12/28/2013)
Great with just about anything! Review by rafe11
It tastes great and mixes well in so many different things from smoothies to my morning oatmeal. (Posted on 12/20/2013)
Best desserts Review by Sara
We love to make raw chocolate desserts with this stuff. It is simply amazing! (Posted on 10/28/2013)
choco coco Review by kristya
My family puts this stuff in everything, and we love it! (Posted on 10/10/2013)
Thank you Sunfood! Review by Melissa
I buy this cacao powder for my homemade candy bars (simple recipe - cacao powder, agave and coconut oil). I love this cacao powder because all the ones I've seen in health stores all say "Made in a facility that also makes products with soy and dairy ingredients". This one has the Sunfood promise that all of their products are made on dedicated equipment and for someone with a gluten intolerance and soy and dairy allergies, it's great to not have to worry about it. Keep up the good work Sunfood! (Posted on 10/7/2013)
a chocolate staple in my pantry Review by Elizabeth
I love this organic raw cacao powder, and use it regularly for making my morning smoothies (with homemade cashew milk and coconut water + a banana for added potassium) and for my chia pudding. I have not yet tried making raw chocolates with it, but will be doing so soon, with all of the wonderful superfoods and supplements I have found here. this is such a tasty cacao powder that I know I am in for a treat. (Posted on 8/11/2013)
best stuff everrrrrr Review by Beth
i am so in love with this product. after learning this is the highest anti-oxident food EVER, it makes me so happy to enjoy my choco shakes. oh how mama LOVES ! (Posted on 4/14/2013)

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