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Your One Stop Shop For Organic Superfood Protein Powder

If you’re looking to incorporate organic Superfood Protein Powder into your daily routine it can lead to a variety of health benefits. Organic Superfood Protein Powder is a nutritional powerhouse that combines the best of nature's fruits and vegetables in one mix to get you that boost you need for the day. Our four blends provide wholesome nutrition, aiding in muscle growth, weight management, immunity, and overall vitality, while promoting ethical and sustainable choices for your health and the planet.

Our Superfood Protein Powder Mixes come in a variety of products, Supergreens & Protein, Chocolate Superfood Smoothie Mix, Superfood Smoothie Mix, or our raw organic Hemp Seed Protein. They’re a popular choice — just see how much our customers love them! 

If you have any questions as you browse our Sunfood Superfoods store, reach out to our customer care team or chat with us online. 



Does superfood powder have protein?

Yes, superfood powder typically contains protein from plant-based sources like pea, hemp protein, enhancing its nutritional value.

Can kids have superfood protein powder? 

Superfood protein powder can be suitable for children when used cautiously and in accordance with their specific dietary and nutritional requirements. It's advised to consult with a pediatrician before adding any supplement to a child's diet.

What are the benefits of superfood protein powder?

Superfood Protein powders are nutritional supplements that may help build muscle, repair tissue, and make enzymes and hormones. Using protein powder can also aid in weight loss.

Does superfood protein powder build muscle? 

Yes, it supports muscle growth combined with a balanced diet and exercise and aids in recovery, but also promotes sustained energy throughout the day.