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Hemp Seed Protein, 8oz, Organic

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    The Sunfood Difference™

    Hemp is known for its incredible versatility as an industrial crop, and its raw seeds have recently gained popularity as a heart-healthy superfood. By grinding the seeds into a fine powder, we are able to create an excellent plant-based protein powder - perfect for vegan, vegetarian, or hypoallergenic lifestyles.

    At 50% protein by weight, hemp contains all nine essential amino acids along with important branched-chain amino acids.  These amino acids help support healthy muscles and connective tissues, and may help improve athletic performance and recovery.

    Unlike other vegan protein powders, hemp contains a high amount of dietary fiber as well as omega fatty acids. This makes hemp a unique source of support for muscles, heart, and digestive health. One serving contains 18g protein, 7g fiber, 2g omega-6, and 0.6g omega-3. This easily-digestible, nutrient-dense protein powder is unlike any other!

    Our raw, organic Hemp Protein Powder is gently cold-processed, preserving vital nutrients and enzymes that can be damaged by heat. No preservatives, additives, or processing aids are used at any point in the manufacturing process. The pure, nutty flavor of this finely-ground superfood protein powder blends easily into smoothies, desserts, and other recipes.


    All About Hemp Protein

    Hemp food products have become very popular over the last decade, and it's no wonder. Hemp is a multipurpose plant that, in additional to several industrial uses, has been shown to have numerous health benefits - including weight loss, muscle building, strengthening one's immune system, and more. One hemp product in particular that is very popular is organic hemp protein. This organic plant protein is high in quality and provides amino acids which can contribute to excellent health.

    What Makes Organic Hemp Protein So Special?

    Organic hemp protein contains nine different essential amino acids. Essential amino acids have become well-known in the health industry as playing a vital role in achieving and maintaining good health. Many people take supplements on a regular basis to ensure they are getting a decent amount of essential amino acids.  Organic hemp protein is unique because it contains not only these essential amino acids, also contains essential fatty acids. It also has an ingredient called edestin, which is a bioactive globulin that makes it easier for one to digest the organic hemp protein, as well as other food that is consumed on a regular basis. Organic hemp contains about 66% of this ingredient, which is more than any other plant on the planet.

    How is Organic Hemp Protein Used?

    There are a number of products on the market that claim to have organic hemp protein as an active ingredient. If you are in the market for a product that will provide a positive impact on your health and wellness, ensure you are buying an organic hemp protein product that has been gently "cold-pressed." Cold pressing refers to the temperature that the product is at while it is manufactured. Cold pressing preserves more of the natural elements of the hemp, thus improving the effectiveness of the product overall. You'll want to make sure that the organic hemp protein product you are using doesn't contain hexane, (I don’t think hexane can be used I the production of organic)  which is a harmful chemical. Organic hemp proteins are used most commonly in protein powders to increase the amount of protein found in a product naturally.

    Organic hemp protein powders are often mixed with smoothie recipes or milkshake recipes to enjoy as a beverage. This includes one or two scoops of organic hemp protein powder, a cup of liquid such as water or plant-based milk, fruit, and ice. These beverages are great for breakfast, lunch, or even a late night snack because they won't leave you feeling bloated or uncomfortably fully.

    History of Organic Hemp

    Hemp has historically been used medicinally and industriously for a very long time. It has been the go-to plant for many Middle Eastern countries for centuries. Before that, it was used by the Greeks and Romans. It has only been used in North America over the last three hundred or so years to make rope and textiles. Thomas Jefferson even grew hemp as a crop. Although from the same species of the Cannabis plant, industrial hemp used for textiles and foods should not be confused with medicinal cannabis. Industrial hemp does not contain THC, the psychoactive ingredient found in medicinal cannabis. Some plants indicate trace amounts of the chemical, but most certified organic hemp products do not contain THC.

    Although first used medicinally, hemp was eventually discovered to be rich in fiber, omega-fatty acids, and protein during the latter half of the last millennium. Today, it is used in highly nutritious and delicious ways across several industries. It is not uncommon to see people eating "hemp hearts" (hemp seeds) or buying hemp smoothies at a local health shop. It's considered one of the best protein sources for vegan and vegetarian diets on the planet. When the term "superfood" came along, organic hemp was put into that category and continues to prove its worth on a regular basis.

    What Do Organic Hemp Protein Products Contain?

    Many popular organic hemp protein products naturally contain fiber and many amino acids that are essential to good health. In addition hemp protein provides other vital minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, iron, zinc, and as much as 15 or 20 grams of protein depending on the product. There are no added chemicals or products that will irritate your stomach or cause indigestion. Many synthetic protein products, such as Whey proteins or soy proteins contain added chemicals that can make people feel bloated or experience an upset stomach. Organic hemp protein does not cause that kind of side effect. It's loaded with plant-based protein, which is all natural and from the raw hemp seeds. Hemp is a non-GMO product, which means that it is not genetically modified in most cases. Many organic hemp protein products are available in a powdered form so you can mix them with your favorite smoothies or milkshakes to create a great taste and help improve your health overall.

    What are the Benefits of Using Organic Hemp Protein?

    Many natural plants, like hemp, have benefits besides increasing protein and fiber levels in your diet. For example, using organic hemp protein on a regular basis as part of your diet can help increase energy levels, and make you feel more productive overall. When we have more energy, we are able to get more done. Because organic hemp protein doesn't contain components that lead to a gassy stomach, you won't feel bloated after consuming it. As part of a healthy diet, organic hemp protein can increase your metabolism. Increasing the metabolism can reduce the risk of weight gain and help you lose weight more naturally. Increasing your metabolism means you'll burn more calories and fat on a regular basis than without an organic hemp protein product in your diet. What's more, because organic hemp has so much protein and fiber, you'll feel fuller faster, and feel satiated longer, which will reduce your food cravings and help you keep a slim waistline in the process. Fiber is known to reduce the risk of heart disease, especially high blood pressure and cholesterol. The fiber content of organic hemp is very high; therefore, increasing the amount of organic hemp protein you get in your diet can reduce your risk of heart disease, or help you manage existing high blood pressure. Furthermore, a diet rich in fiber promotes regularity in the digestive system and helps to remove harmful toxins that are left behind in your colon by the foods and products you consume on a regular basis. Rather than consuming manufactured fiber products to improve regularity, consider organic hemp protein.

    Other benefits of including organic hemp protein products in your diet including boosting the immune system. Because of the large number of amino acids, essential fatty acids and the complete complex protein that is found in organic hemp, those who consume it are less likely to experience common colds, and other everyday illnesses. Having a healthy immune system means your body can ward off bacteria and viruses that can make you very ill, or even lead to other more serious conditions.

    A domino effect starts to happen when people include organic hemp protein in their diets. If they incorporate products like this into their diets, they are more likely to adopt a healthier lifestyle overall. Incorporating organic hemp protein into your diet will make you want to eat better, get more rest, and increase your exercise.

    Using naturally occurring products such as organic hemp can improve your health and make you feel better overall. One study found that organic hemp can help reduce the symptoms of kidney disease and improve kidney function with regular use. Using organic hemp protein products means you meet or exceed your daily required amount of protein with one simple shake or smoothie, and you get all of the benefits of using a natural organic product as well.

    What to Know Before Buying Organic Hemp Protein

    When it comes to buying organic hemp protein, there are a few things you should watch for on the labels of the products you buy. The first is that if the protein product has less than 35% protein in it, the product is probably made with hemp flour, and not pure hemp protein. Pure hemp protein has more naturally occurring protein than the refined hemp flour that many economy brands use for their ingredients. It's cheaper for manufacturers to use hemp flour, which is a combination of some hemp protein mixed with traditional flour, to give similar benefits, but not as many as real hemp protein. Also, most hemp flours contain more fiber than protein.

    Many people think that whey protein products and hemp protein products are similar because they are both providing similar amount of protein in the end. While this is true, vegans and vegetarians are more apt to buy hemp protein products because they don’t contain any animal by-products, as whey products do. In addition, there is no lactose found in organic hemp protein either, so it is safe for people who are lactose intolerant.

    While you can eat hemp seeds, as well as many other "superfood" seeds that are available on the market today, your body gets what it needs from an organic hemp protein powder faster than chewing on seeds. Depending on your preferences, either will give you a good boost of protein, but organic hemp protein products are often designed to maximize protein digestion and function in your body. If smoothies and milkshakes aren't for you, use hemp protein powder to cook meals, add texture to oatmeal, and even toss a few scoops of it into cake and cupcake mixes to make them healthier. Don't limit yourself to a glass of water and a scoop of organic hemp protein mix. The possibilities are endless when it comes to enjoying the taste and health benefits of organic hemp protein products.


    While many people still think that hemp and marijuana are the same plant, it's important to point out that they are not.  Organic hemp protein, can provide numerous health benefits, prevent people from becoming sick in the first place, and even restore organ function from sufferers of chronic diseases or conditions. Calling hemp a superfood is really an understatement: it's practically a superhero food.

    So the next time you are in the supermarket or health food store looking for something new to add to your diet to increase metabolism, improve tissue repair, reduce appetite, and provide improved energy, pick up some organic hemp protein products. You'll love how versatile they are, and how they improve the way you feel and the way your body functions. Great for vegans and vegetarians, but suitable for anyone looking to improve their diet, organic hemp protein products can help you lead a more healthy and energetic lifestyle.

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    Reseal bag after opening. Store in a cool, dry place.

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