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#1 Way to Clear Acne, Wrinkles, and Dry Skin

Sneaky Toxins in Your Skin Lotion
Did you know that anything you put on your skin can be absorbed into your tissues and your blood stream? In 2010, Swiss researchers found that 85% of human breast milk samples contained dangerous chemicals commonly found in commercial cosmetics and sunscreens—including “UV filters, PCBs, synthetic fragrances and pesticides.”1 Since none of these women were eating their makeup or sunblock, there’s only one way the compounds got into their bodies: through their skin.
One of our philosophies here at Sunfood is to not put anything on our skin that we wouldn’t want in our bodies. One of our favorite skin care products is our raw, unrefined shea butter — it’s so pure, you can eat it!
This oil/butter is extracted from the seed of the African karite tree that grows wild on the savannahs of West and Central Africa. Produced by a women’s cooperative in Ghana to help bring economic stability to the villages, it’s cold-processed and unfiltered so that it retains all of its inherent beneficial properties to beautify and protect your skin.

Check out what our shea butter has been doing for people!

After struggling with acne and sensitive skin through my teenage years and into my 20s, I finally found something that does not adversely affect my face! It cleared my face, my skin is now glowing, super soft, and never oily! Add the natural sun protection and I can’t think of a better way to spend $20. My whole family uses this and I recommend it to everyone I know. I will not buy from any other company either.”
– Jessica
The best product for skin! I use this everyday on my face, either alone, with aloe vera or in combination with cacao butter. Over the past 6 months of using this Shea Butter, I have noticed that my skin has improved hydration. The few fine lines and wrinkles that I do have around my eyes and neck have faded quite a bit. I love the fact that when I apply a small amount on my face, it keeps that hydrated feeling for hours and makes your skin baby soft. Thank you for this great product!”
Cracked Hands
“I’ve tried just about every fancy, mostly natural hand cream from the Body Shop to L’Occitaine to Whole Foods. For my newly painfully cracked and dry hands, though, everything suddenly stopped being effective, including drinking close to a gallon of water a day. From the moment I rubbed this shea butter into my hands to a whole day later, and even after several hand washings, my hands remained soothed and smooth, and the cracks disappeared. I have used it for several days now, and my skin is incredibly soft, like it was when I was a kid. Unrefined shea butter, I have found, has a naturally smoky scent that’s similar to that of kalamata olives (I did nibble a bit of it, as it is also a food, but I think I will stick to using it for skincare). This is scent is very natural and pleasant, and disappears completely once it is absorbed into the skin. I have never found anything as completely effective as this butter for dry and irritated skin. It truly is a blessing and a miracle.”
– Elizabeth
“I love…love…love!! I plan to use it on my body but my main focus is my daughter’s hair and eczema.”
– Modern Day Hippie
Dry, Irritated Skin
I find this product excellent for my skin. I have sensitive skin which tends to become dry and irritated easily. When I put this shea butter on my face, it calms the skin and feels very soft and silky. I also use it before I go outside in the winter and it protects it from the elements….A wonderful product which I will continue to use….It also lasts a long time!”
– Catherine
Diaper Rash & More
My entire family loves this shea butter. We all slather it on after the shower and on our hands and face before bed. I’ve seen terrible diaper rash disappear in hours after applying this shea butter. I saw the healing benefits of this product after seeing what it has done for all of our skin after six months of daily use. Our skin looks more hydrated, radiant and youthful! Just amazing!! I even keep a little shea butter in a tin in my purse and travel with it.”
– Desert Rat
So Good You Can Eat It!
The indigenous peoples of Central Africa and the Japanese have long used shea butter for food—it is a perfect replacement for dairy butter—and body care. Massage raw, unrefined shea butter onto your body, face, lips, hair, scalp, hands, nails and feet to soothe, moisturize, condition and protect. Or, try making your own Bodacious Body Butter!
You know you are getting a pure product if you can eat it! Why put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put into your body?”
– Becky P.
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1 – “Endocrine Disruptors: Relevance to Humans, Animals and Ecosystems.” Schlumpf, Margret, Swiss National Research Programme, 2010.


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