Cancer Killers, Radiation Detox, Protein Myths & Sex!

In Case You Missed It: September 2013

Let's Talk About Sex!Let’s Talk about Sex
Health is not just about diet and exercise. Social connections, spiritual enrichment, and yes, having a healthy sex drive are all an integral part of being healthy. There’s a reason that Pfizer’s financial filings reported $2.05 billion in Viagra sales in 2012 alone. People want to have a healthy sex drive!

Fukushima Underground WallFukushima Radiation Poisoning Revealed: How to Protect Yourself
The Truth Is Out: Since 2011, the implications of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima have been downplayed by plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), who insisted that radiation leaks were minimal and no cause for alarm.


The Power of Mangosteen FruitLittle Known Superfruit Has Huge Benefits for Major Ailments
Mangosteen fruit has been used for centuries by the people of Southeast Asia to treat an incredible array of ailments. Modern science is catching up to traditional wisdom, confirming the healing power of “the Queen of Fruits.” Check out what mangosteen can do!


Sacha Inchi PowderDo You Believe What the Meat Industry Tells You about Protein?
Are you getting enough protein? Vegans and vegetarians hear this question all the time because so many people think that meat is the best way to get protein. The facts, however, tell a very different story.


Botija Olives are Back in Stock!The Wait Is Over – Our #1 Savory Superfood Is Back!
Super Yummy Dried Pitted Botija Olives Are Back! Check out what people are saying about them: “WOW! These are like savory candy!” “I was looking for a treat that doesn’t have sugar. These are IT! Luscious! Flavorsome, and my body says THANK YOU THANK YOU when I eat them!”


Dennis water skiingEver Get a Sunburn, Blemish, or Bug Bite?
As much as superfoods are part of our daily lives here at Sunfood, we continue to be amazed at how they help us personally. There is one product that everyone around here has been raving about lately, soothing sunburns and bug bites, as well as making blemishes disappear faster!


Earn 10,000 SunPoints!Earn 10,000 SunPoints: Get Sunfood in Your Local Store!
Sunfood is Growing! We are currently in over 1,000 stores, spas, juice bars & smoothie shops, doctors’ offices and yoga studios! We would love to be in your favorite store too, and you can help us do that while earning free superfoods at the same time!


Apricot KernelsWhat Happened to the Man Jailed for Healing His Cancer?
Remember our recent newsletter on former arm wrestler Jason Vale? To recap, this Brooklyn man was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After turning away from allopathic treatments that made him feel worse, he began eating apricot kernels.


Growing Goji Berries at Home!Grow Your Own Goji Berries?! We Did…
Meet Sara Thompson, who’s worked at Sunfood for over 8 years. When she’s not getting Sunfood products on store shelves all over the world, she’s home tending a beautiful backyard garden, complete with goji berries growing wild!

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