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Extra, Extra! It’s time for some Sunfood news… Here are five important stories from of our friends around the web we wanted to share with you. Make sure you stay informed with the most effective ways to protect your immune system! Want to see more like this? Be sure to like us on Facebook!
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller



by Lisa Leake @
This article focuses on cutting processed foods out of your every day life. Going cold turkey isn’t easy, and few set themselves up for success by doing so. Lisa Leak and our friends over at Eat Local Grown have put together an easy to follow 14 week program allowing you to say goodbye to harmful foods, forever! 


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By Dr. Josh  Axe
By now, you know that chlorella is an important functional food. If you haven’t already incorporated this nutrient dense superfood into you diet, Dr. Josh will give you 7 reasons why you should. From natural detox to healthy immune function, the doctor breaks it down in easy to understand terms.


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Sunfood Chlorella Tablets
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By Carolanne Wright @Wake Up World
Vitamin C… it’s good for so many things! But do you really know what this powerful little vitamin can do for your mind, body and soul? Probably not. Weight control, immunity, longevity, stress relief… is there anything it can’t help with? Find out! 


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By Ian Crossland
As if you need a reason to eat Olives besides the fact that they are delicious… right? Delicious and nutritious is the key. We’re not talking about those little black plastic-like “olives” in a can on your grocery store shelf. This is much bigger, much tastier and much healthier than anything on those shelves! This article will give you 10 reasons to add more olives into your diet. 


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By Dr. Joseph Mercola
It’s one of the most overlooked minerals, with over 80% of the American population deficient in it. This article written by the very knowledgeable Dr. Mercola addresses the loss of Magnesium in our culture today, how to reinstitute it into our diets and benefit from it. 


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