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The Wait Is Over – Our #1 Savory Superfood Is Back!

Dried Organic Botija Olives are Back in Stock!

Super Yummy Dried Pitted Botija Olives Are Back!

Check out what people are saying about them…

“WOW! These are like savory candy!” Review by Wo
“I was looking for a treat that doesn’t have sugar. These are IT! Luscious! Flavorsome, and my body says THANK YOU THANK YOU when I eat them!”
“Rawe. Some.” Review by Andrew
“These olives are SO good. Chop them up and put them in a salad, or just eat them out of the bag. Finally, a salty snack that tastes good and is good for you!”
“Love these olives!” Review by Laura
“These olives are amazing! I snack on them everyday. Even my vegan dog loves them, which means I have to keep an extra supply on hand at all times!”

Did We Mention the Health Benefits?

Antioxidants! One study showed that daily consumption of olive oil increased antioxidant levels in healthy elderly people.1 That’s just referring to the oil—many antioxidants from the whole olives are actually left behind in the oil pressing process!2 The whole olive is the healthiest choice!
Anti-inflammatory! A powerful compound found in olive oil known as oleocanthal was shown to be just as effective at inhibiting inflammation as ibuprofen!3
Heart Health! The oil found in olives has the ability to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL), as well as reduce high blood pressure and inflammation in the arteries.4
Nutrient-packed! – Olives are a delicious source of healthy and alkaline plant-based fats which are essential to your diet. Fat is vital for energy storage, joint lubrication, hormone production and the body’s absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. With a protein-to-fat ratio that is similar to red meat, olives contain none of the cholesterol. What they do have, however, is calcium, iron, and vitamins A and E.

The Sunfood Difference™

Did you know that most olives are picked long before they are truly ripe and can even be softened with chemicals such as lye? Some olives are artificially darkened with an iron compound called ferrous gluconate and all canned olives are pasteurized (cooked). Our raw, organic olives are picked when ripe and only cured using traditional and natural methods, such as sea salt brining and oil curing.
Eat these scrumptious, healthy olives straight out of the bag, or toss them in with your favorite dish!
These olives can even make chlorella taste good—check out the simple and tasty Green Yin Yang Savory Trail Mix!

Green Yin Yang Savory Trail Mix

Get the fresh harvest of the yummiest raw organic olives now!

Also don’t forget to save big on our blowout olives from last harvest. The best-by dates are between 11/2013 and 12/2013, which indicate optimal freshness, not expiration. The olives remain delicious and are 40% off til they’re gone!

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1 – “Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) consumption and antioxidant status in healthy institutionalized elderly humans.” University of Pablo de Olavide of Seville, Spain, 2013.
2 – “Recovery of antioxidants from olive mill wastewaters: A viable solution that promotes their overall sustainable management.” Technical University of Crete, Greece, 2013.
3 – “Phytochemistry: ibuprofen-like activity in extra-virgin olive oil.” Monell Chemical Senses Center, Pennsylvania USA, 2005.
4 – “Vasculoprotective potential of olive oil components.” C.N.R. Institute of Clinical Physiology, Italy, 2007.



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