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We’ll Soothe Your Biggest Organ, You Can Thank Us Later

The Great Outdoors: Your Skin’s Greatest Nemesis
If you’ve ever had a sunburn, you know it can range from uncomfortable to downright painful. Even if you take care to protect yourself from the sun, there are always blemishes, bug bites, scrapes, cuts, or rashes to irritate your body’s largest organ. Yet, this is the time of year Mother Nature entices you to go play outside, and most of us love to take her up on the offer. But what do you do when enjoying the great outdoors results in skin damage?
MSM Aloe Gel to the Rescue
It’s well known that the unique properties of aloe vera make it an amazing natural moisturizer that soothes, cools and heals the skin. But we’ve gone a step further and combined aloe with the healing properties of MSM, along with herbal extracts of green tea, turmeric, arnica, ginger and peppermint. This makes our MSM Aloe Gel a powerful natural solution for all kinds of skin ailments, including sunburns, bug bites, blemishes, rashes, acne, abrasions, and more.
How does it work?
Studies show that aloe vera can assist with the “healing of burn wounds”1 through “increased collagen content”2 and an “antimicrobial effect”3 – all of which result in faster healing and pain relief. MSM has “anti-inflammatory effects,”4 compounded by the “anti-inflammatory properties”5 of turmeric and “anti-inflammatory activity”6 of arnica. When all these ingredients are combined, it makes quite the super-powered skin relief concoction. Even if your skin is healthy and clear, MSM Aloe Gel can help keep it that way.

But, sometimes it’s easier to understand the benefits when you hear what real people have to say about it, and we have some incredible reviews to share with you.
Sunburn Relief & Scar Reduction
“I have been using [leading health store brand]’s Aloe. When I ran out, I decided to try the MSM Aloe since I love the MSM lotion. This is now my number 1 Sunfood product. I had a burn on my neck and back and nothing soothed me like this product. I use it now for everything. I have used it on some old scars that have noticeably broken down. They are a lot smoother and flatter/smaller in appearance. After a run, this stuff is heaven. Please offer in a larger size. Ordering 4 more bottles today. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!” – Tre
Sunburns, Bug Bites, Cuts, Acne & More
“Have been using this product for years and just love it. We use it for sunburn relief, bug bites, cuts, abrasions, and acne. My husband has used it as an after shave lotion.” – Colleen
Shoulder Pain & Inflammation
“I bought the MSM Aloe Gel for my inflammation problem. With one application, I got the results I was looking for. Then I took the bottle to my neighbor who has chronic pain in his shoulder. With peppermint essential oils, he was getting relief for 12 hours, and with the MSM Aloe Gel, he got relief for 48 hours, and if it can break up the scar tissue, WOW! Now I am going to purchase the Old Fashioned Peppermint Liniment to combine with the MSM Aloe Gel…” – Carol
Absorbing Face Lotion
“Absorbs quickly, leaves no residue, provides instant cooling effect, has great ingredients. I love to add oils to it (such as rose hip) when using it for my face, as it allows the oil to quickly penetrate the skin instead of staying on the surface. Since my skin is not at all sensitive and in case you’d like to try this out, I’d suggest testing it on a small area of your face first. It is pretty strong. Wish I had known about this product (and many others on here) much, much earlier.” – Kristya
Face Blemishes and Redness
“My husband had a couple of blemishes on the side of his nose causing redness and discomfort. This was a concern because his job requires him to work out in the hot sun. We decided to apply Sunfood MSM Aloe Gel and the very next day, the redness was really toned down. Within three days, all was back to normal. We will never be without MSM Aloe Gel!!” – Lisa
Bug Bites & Irritated Skin
“MSM Aloe Gel is my saving grace. With two cats, a dog, a very active toddler & a passion for outdoor yoga—bug bites are inevitable for me. Instead of getting small bumps, my skin gets irritated and swollen. I have tried everything from baking soda to over-the-counter antihistamine, but nothing helps 100%. Then came the day I found MSM Aloe Gel. The aloe soothes and almost completely minimizes itching while the MSM works to reduce inflammation and redness. The peppermint extract gives the gel an amazing and refreshing smell and cools the infected areas. It doesn’t make me drowsy like antihistamines, and has never given me any adverse reactions. It is even safe for my daughter to use! I highly suggest MSM Aloe Gel to anyone with pets or a passion for the outdoors!” – Hannah

Try it for Yourself
We believe in the power of MSM Aloe Gel, and we know you will too once you try it for yourself. Use it for sunburns, bug bites, blemishes, scars, sore muscles, inflammation, minor cuts and abrasions, or just to maintain healthy, glowing skin. Then, let us know how much you love it!
Sunfood MSM Aloe Gel
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6 – “Anti-inflammatory activity of Lychnophora passerina, Asteraceae (Brazilian “Arnica”).” Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Brazil, 2011.


Sunfood’s “Natural Solutions” does not promote or suggest natural cures, natural healing or natural remedies for any disease, disorder or ailment thereof. This information should be treated as educational material gathered and discovered from various studies, clinical trials and customer reviews. It is designed to encourage healthy lifestyles, and independent conclusions in regards to natural products and alternative health choices. It is best to consult with your healthcare practitioner before attempting any form of natural cure, natural healing or natural remedy to any health issues.

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