Hemp and Avocado Sushi Roll

(makes 4 rolls)

Enjoy a delicious, raw alternative to sushi. Made with hemp seeds instead of rice, this roll provides protein, iron and healthy saturated fats for a complete meal all rolled into one.


  • 2 large avocados
  • 4 nori sheets
  • 3 cups shelled hemp seeds
  • 1/2 cup agave
  • Red wine vinegar (other types of vinegar may work just as well)
  • Any other fillings you like. Here are some of our favorites:
    cucumber, broccoli, sprouts, bell pepper, eggplant, spinach, kale, tomato



  1. Mix 1/2 cup agave with 3 cups hemp seeds until well mixed. This will be your “sticky rice.” Add more agave if necessary.
  2. Lay out a nori sheet shiny side down and spread about 1/4 of the hemp “rice” evenly across the sheet. Leave about 2 centimeters uncovered at the bottom edge. Cut half an avocado into long pieces and lay them out horizontally across the middle. Add thin strips of any other fillings you want.
  3. If you do not have a sushi mat, start from the top and carefully roll the nori tightly with your hands. Wet your fingers and apply a small amount of water to the edge you left blank. This will allow you to seal your roll. Repeat this process until you have 4 rolls made. Cut them up into 6 pieces each and serve with Nama Shoyu and ginger on the side. Enjoy!


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