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Raw Chocolate Mousse Tarts

“When someone asks me for a luscious chocolate recipe I always come up with these Raw Chocolate Mousse Tarts. Why? Because the are made with whole, organic, plant-based ingredients, with no refined sweeteners, and they will feed your spirit while satisfy your cravings. Did I convince you to try them out? 😍”

Recipe By: @datesandavocados

Makes 6 servings

Ingredients for base:

Ingredients for the filling:


1.In a food processor, process the nuts and dates until broken down.
2.Add the rest of the crust ingredients and process a few times until combined.
3.Line six 4 inches tart pans with plastic wrap and press until you get an even layer.
4.Place into the freezer for 30 min until firm while preparing the filling.
5.Rinse and drain the cashews and blend them with all the ingredients (except coconut oil and cacao butter) until nice and smooth.
6.Then stream melted coconut oil and cacao butter into the mixture until incorporated.
7.Pour the filling over the crust and freeze.
8.Remove tarts from freezer approx. 1h before serving.
9.Decorate with cacao nibs 🍫 and Enjoy!


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