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Superherb Bomb

Superherb Bomb Recipe

This recipe is what we call a “Superherb Bomb,” a potent and powerful superherb tonic. It’s also delicious and deeply nourishing. Chaparral is an herb that is wonderful for detoxifying and purifying your blood. Cat’s claw is an impressive anti-viral herb and a potent immune system booster. Guayusa is an amazing antioxidant that increases mental energy and strength. When combined with cacao, maca and mesquite, you have a synergy like no other. Enjoy and share with loved ones!


2 T chaparral
1 T cat’s claw
1 T guayusa or yerba mate 
1 T goji berries
2 T cacao powder
1 T maca
1 T mesquite
1 tsp vanilla powder
¼ cup agave, (substitute coconut palm nectar, yacon syrup or raw honey)


Steep chaparral in 1 cup of room temperature water overnight. Strain tea and set aside. Steep rest of herbs and goji berries for 15 minutes in 1 1/2 cups of hot water. Combine chaparral tea and hot herbal tea into blender.  Add cacao, mesquite, maca, vanilla and sweetener. Blend and enjoy!


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