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A Working Mom's Tips for Lowering Stress

A Working Mom's Tips for Lowering Stress

Aug 6th 2021

Along with binders, pencils, and backpacks, back-to-school time can bring more stress for many parents. Meet Bianca from @lenoxbakery - a dedicated mom who juggles work, runs a blog, her son's school and Taekwondo schedule, and quality time with her family and dog. She shared with us how she manages her busy schedule, what she learned from her grandmother, how to deal with stress, and what she loves most about superfoods.

When did you realize that you needed superfoods?

I think I've always realized how much I needed superfoods. I've always been intrigued by natural benefits and how superfoods can add value to your overall health. For me, the a-ha! moment was when I was speaking to my grandmother one day. She had natural remedies for just about every common sickness, but I noticed that she was very rarely sick. She had been drinking ginger tea for as long as she could remember and swore by it. Since then, we keep ginger in our house and just it for everything from a cold to an upset stomach.

What was going on in your world that led you to superfoods?

I had recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol, and my doctor recommended a diet change. I thought I ate pretty healthy, but I quickly realized where I was going wrong after reevaluating my day-to-day diet. I had been so busy working, blogging, and being a mom full-time that I wasn't aware of how little superfoods I had been getting in my diet.

What one problem would you say Sunfood Superfoods has eliminated or lessened for you?

I would say making sure I'm getting enough superfoods in my diet. The superfood packs have been so convenient, especially on the go.

What one benefit would you say you've gotten and valued most from using Sunfood Superfoods?

ENERGY! Oh my goodness, I have so much more energy now and feel so much better overall.

What three adjectives would you use to describe Sunfoods?

Delicious, convenient, and nutrient-rich.

How do you include Sunfood Superfoods in your diet?

Recently, I've started to drink the Organic Wellness Super Blend Stress Less to start my day. I need all the help I can get to get my day off to a good start, and this helps me so much. I switch it up some mornings and drink the Organic Day Beauty Blend Glow. Typically for breakfast, I'll make a bowl of oatmeal with sliced bananas, Whole Almonds, almond butter, and Cacao Nibs. Talk about the perfect start to the day.

What are your three favorite ways to practice self-care?

I've been trying to get better at practicing self-care lately. I've been making it a priority to make every Sunday a hair-care Sunday. Every Saturday, I get coffee and take a ride near the water to sit and think for a bit. I've also been really into books lately, so I have been ordering them on Amazon and sitting down at the end of the night to read.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Each morning, I get up at least an hour before my son to have some quiet time and focus on my tasks for the day. I'll either make a cup of coffee or a cup of the Wellness Super Blend Stress Less tea, depending on how busy my day will be. I sit down and jot down my daily tasks in two separate columns, one for my full-time job and the other for the blog.

I get to work on my full-time tasks for the day and get a good amount of work done before my son wakes up. Once he's awake, I make breakfast for the two of us and get his summer worksheets and books ready for the day. We sit down to eat together, and then he goes off to do his activities for an hour. This is usually when I work on my blog.

Once he's done, it's time to toggle back to my full-time job and let him play at the table while I work. It's lunchtime and again another break. While I'm making us lunch, I'm working on the blog while lunch cooks. Typically, he will have a hot lunch, and I'll make myself a smoothie. I continue working until about 4 p.m., then get a head start on dinner because we usually have Taekwondo in the evening. I usually pack a snack for myself if I had a light lunch to munch on during his Taekwondo class. We get back home a little after 6:30 p.m., and it's time to eat. After dinner, we go out for a walk then come back in to get all washed up for bed. We will usually play a board game, read and or watch TV until it's bedtime. Once I have him in bed, I hop on the computer to finish all the blog work and go to bed around 11:45 p.m. Then we wake up and do it all over again, except for the weekends. We typically take it easy and go with the flow on the weekends.

Any advice or words of encouragement for others?

YOU GOT THIS! Trust me; I definitely understand the feeling of not being able to do it all and feeling burnt out sometimes but remember you got this. Remember to take care of yourself with your nutrition, but also remember to take time for self-care. Adding both of those things to your daily routine will add so much value to your life.

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