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How Sunfood’s VP Stays Well-Rested and Productive During Pregnancy

How Sunfood’s VP Stays Well-Rested and Productive During Pregnancy

Jan 18th 2022

From the joy of feeling your little one moving, to the not so enjoyable discomfort in later weeks of pregnancy, sleep can be a challenge for the majority of mamas-to-be. For Sunfood VP Hannah, a good night’s sleep is non-negotiable – especially during pregnancy.

Meet Hannah DeuPree! She’s Sunfood’s VP of Sales & Marketing, super mom to kids and fur babies alike, the fearless leader of all things creative at Sunfood, and is currently just two weeks away from welcoming her new baby into her family. Hannah shared with us how natural solutions including Wellness Super Blend Sleep Well help her stay rested and productive amid the chaos of working full-time, pregnancy, and spending quality time with her family.

What role do superfoods play in ensuring you get a restful night's sleep?

Honestly, getting a good night’s sleep when you’re a parent comes with expected challenges – add pregnancy on top of that and who knows when you’ll rest easy! Being pregnant at any stage and losing sleep is something that I think most parents and parents-to-be struggle with, especially when trying to figure out how to address sleeplessness with supplements. For me, the solution has to be as natural as possible with no crazy side effects or risks. When we developed the Wellness Super Blend Sleep Well blend, I was head over heels in love with finally having a superfood that targets a holistic approach that is safe for pregnancy. The chamomile and red fruit powders are so refreshing.

How important is proper sleep in your busy life and why?

Proper sleep isn’t negotiable! When you’re a mom to the world’s busiest 13 & 4 year olds (with one due in just 2 weeks) and a SUPER full time career, there isn’t a lot of room for losing rest at night. Deep sleep is the ultimate reset button. I know that in just a few weeks there will be plenty of time to wake up through the night with midnight diaper changings and feedings! Time to sleep well while I can!

What 3 tips do you have for waking up energized and ready to take on the day?

Routine is everything. The kids have a clockwork routine that includes next-day school prep, bathing/showering, one on one time, snuggles and books/pillow talk. This consistent wind-down takes the chaos out of bedtime and makes our mornings so much easier.

Make no mistake - my routine is equally important as the kids’! Taking my nighttime supplements, meditation, light stretching or a quick yoga sequence and a skincare ritual before bed ensures I set-up for a successful night’s sleep by maintaining consistent self-care, keeping myself boosted for my family, employees and customers!

Lastly – I turn off work before I go to bed. Focusing on family and maintaining a work-life balance, especially during the last trimester helps me to fall asleep with positive affirmations of a calm delivery, peaceful family time after the new baby comes and ensuring that my mind is ready for committing to deep sleep.

What activities do you love to do during the day that require a lot of energy?

Running a sales and marketing team requires a ton of energy, both creatively and strategically! It’s the best job in the world but it doesn’t come without a lot of mental commitment. The physical demands through the week include chasing after my 4 year old, keeping my two crazy labradoodle boys entertained, dancing hula with my 13 year old daughter, jumping on the peloton and honestly getting up the stairs with this growing belly!

Tell us about your top 3 superfoods that fuel your active and busy lifestyle.

Wellness Super Blend Sleep Well has definitely been my saving grace through pregnancy, I have noticed a big difference in the quality of sleep I get by adding it to my nightly ritual.

Golden milk is my other go-to. It’s like a big hug in a mug and it’s so versatile.

Hemp Seeds have been an incredible addition to my routine too – do you know how easy it is to make your own fresh hemp milk every week?? It’s seriously one of the best superfoods that exists.

What ONE benefit would you say you’ve received and valued most from deeper sleep?

The level-headedness that comes with deep sleep makes all the difference in the world when tackling home and work life. Controlled chaos is frankly just a part of life, but the one thing that I can do to make sure everything stays as level as possible is to take care of my mental health and proper sleep cycle. Life has been hard enough over the last 2 years of unknowns – staying in control of something like your sleep shouldn’t be a luxury.

Any advice or messages of encouragement for others struggling to get proper sleep?

Don’t be afraid to try different things! Just because one routine works for your favorite celebrity or influencer doesn’t meant it will work for you or your family. Afford yourself the opportunity to try new things and unconventional routines to figure out what is best for YOU. And honestly, the dishes after dinner can wait, and so can sweeping the floor. The moments we have for ourselves or with our kids are fleeting and fading a little bit every day – what seems critical in the “right now” may not be so important in the long run – take care of yourself and don’t be afraid to give yourself a little extra love!

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