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Matcha Coconut Cream Pie Jars

Matcha Coconut Cream Pie Jars

May 24th 2022

We are totally coconuts over this recipe! You are going to love it so matcha. Okay, all puns aside… Dani from @danishealthyeats just elevated your summer kitchen game with these Matcha Coconut Cream Pie Jars. Every bite is smooth and creamy. Each little jar of heaven is packed with cashews, hemp seeds, and almonds – bringing that superfood nutrition to this decadent dessert. Did we mention it’s really easy to make? What are you waiting for?!





  1. To make the base, add everything to a food processor, processing until a sticky dough forms. If you’re making jars, press a little into the bottom of each one or alternatively, press into the bottom of a small loaf pan.
  2. Make the filling by adding everything to a high-powered blender, adding 2 tbsp of coconut milk at first, blending until completely smooth. You’ll want a thick pudding consistency, so use a little more coconut milk if you need to. Taste and adjust the sweetness as desired.
  3. Pour over the base layer. Place in the freezer for at least an hour to firm up a bit.
  4. Top with toasted coconut and enjoy!

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