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6 Beauty Boosting Superfoods

Aug 27th 2019

What we eat has a direct effect on our skin, hair, nails, and our overall appearance. At Sunfood, we believe beauty starts from within. There isn't a better way to get that gorgeous glow than by adding superfoods to your plate. Just a handful a day, these superfoods can help make a noticeable difference in how you look and feel. Consistency is key. Eat these every day and watch your appearance transform.

Açaí Maqui Bowl Mix

Berries are a powerhouse for beautiful skin and are one of our favorite and delicious ways to maintain that glow. With acai, maqui, blueberry, red maca, and chia, Açaí Maqui Bowl Mix makes for an ultimate beauty delight in a glass or a bowl.


Flax for healthy hair? Yes! Flax seeds are a source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential for healthy hair growth. They nourish the follicles and hair shafts, making them stronger and less prone to damage. Also, Omega-3 fatty acids can help improve hair elasticity. Other beneficial nutrients can be found in flax as well, such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and manganese. Our raw, certified organic, and verified non-GMO Flaxseeds are carefully cultivated and harvested to maintain their nutrient content. With a mild flavor, flaxseed is filling and versatile enough to be added to many different types of cuisine.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are basically little bundles of nutrients! They're packed with essential amino acids and protein, which are easily absorbed by the body. Hemp seeds also have healthy fats that nourish the body along with iron, B vitamins and vitamin E. These nutrients can help your skin's appearance and your hair and nails grow faster (and who doesn't want that?!). Our raw, organic Hemp products are gently cold-processed, preserving vital nutrients and enzymes. No preservatives, additives, or processing aids are used at any point in the manufacturing process.

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds have come a long way since they were simply used to grow "hair" on a ceramic head (remember those days?!). Thankfully, it was discovered that they're full of essential fatty acids. These fatty acids can help maintain your skin's perkiness and give you a gorgeous glow. They may also help reduce acne scars, redness and keep skin looking radiant. Raw and certified organic, our Chia Seeds are grown in a pure environment free of pesticides, herbicides, additives, and preservatives. They are a nutritional powerhouse that are versatile and easy to use.


Holy Matcha! Matcha is packed with antioxidants that work to protect the skin from future damage and premature signs of aging. Another perk is the potential to improve dull, aging skin! Matcha can help work from the inside out by calming breakouts, or tired skin. The beneficial vitamins that help this are vitamin C and zinc. Matcha has the potential to leave your skin feeling refreshed. Our Matcha Powder is pure and simple. No additives are used at any point in the process.


Turmeric can work magic on sensitive skin and is especially great for acne. Our Organic Turmeric Powder has no additives and is minimally processed to retain its potency.

Organic Açaí Maqui Bowl Organic Matcha Powder Organic Golden Milk Super Blend

Organic Flax Seeds Organic Hemp Seeds Raw Organic Chia Seeds