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A Beginner’s Guide to Cellular Healing

Jul 17th 2018

Healing our bodies on a cellular level starts with diet and lifestyle modification. We realize this is easier said than done as these two actions alone can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re just getting started on your journey to better health. Let us first preface that in this post we will be presenting suggestions for cellular healing support on a nutritional level. It is always advised that you consult a holistic medical professional for any health issues you are looking to resolve with diet, nutrition, and supplementation.

So with that said, let’s dive in!

What is Cellular Healing?

The topic of cellular healing in the health and wellness space spans two health-related categories -- emotional & mental, and physical. Addressing both categories is important to overall healing. From a physical perspective, the practice of cellular healing starts with detoxifying the body, then repairing and restoring. This is often done through diet and supplementation. Deep cellular healing requires a bigger overall commitment than your typical weekend detox. You’ll want to commit to a long-term plan where you’re dedicated to making changes for sustained wellness.

Why Should We Heal Our Bodies on a Cellular Level?

Our cells are constantly bombarded with environmental toxins that contaminate our food, water, and the air we breathe. Some of these toxic offenders are avoidable, to a degree, with a clean diet and lifestyle; but others aren’t so easily averted. We do our best, however our cells need constant support for sustained wellness. If you live in a highly-developed area, whether suburban or urban, incorporating a cellular support practice is vital to warding off toxic overload from our compromised air and water quality, which inevitably affects our food supply. A clean diet with whole organic foods, superfoods, specific supplements, can help the body release toxins regularly and provide ongoing rejuvenation.

Supplements to Support Cellular Healing

A change in diet and behavior modification is the first place to start when it comes to healing our bodies on a cellular level, and we’ve got some superfoods and supplements that can help to support. Since this is a beginners guide, we’re going to keep it simple with these six suggested adds to your cellular healing regime.

1 - Chlorella tops our list for cellular rejuvenation for several reasons. It is a known detoxifier, helps to alkalize the body, aids in nutritional recovery, and offers tremendous support to the digestive tract...just to name a few. Chlorella is abundant in chlorophyll, which is an exceptional blood purifier and liver supporter(1). This is a powerful detoxifier, so start slow and gradually increase to the optimal dosage. 

Shilajit Powder can help your body reboot on a cellular level in a variety of ways from brain health to athletic performance. Modern society is extremely depleted in trace minerals and shilajit provides an optimal dose of fulvic acid, which is full of trace minerals! Increased mitochondria performance is a key benefit of cellular support from shilajit -- helping our bodies to find sustained natural energy, increase nutritional uptake of the foods we eat, prevent inflammation, and battle exhaustive conditions such as chronic fatigue.

3 - Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton is a powerful cellular supporter! Phytoplankton turns CO2 into oxygen, providing our earth’s atmosphere with life. This microalgae contains nano-sized nutrient particles that are easily absorbed into our body and readily available for use on a cellular level. This product  boasts the antioxidant enzyme, SOD (Superoxide dismutase), which is naturally found in our own bodies. SOD works in synergy with our body’s natural systems and our very own antioxidant powers to combat contamination.

4 - Any of our Supergreens blends are the perfect combination of raw organic superfoods that offer powerful cellular support. The pure, clean, and healthful properties within these blends offer support to your gut, immune system, and more. Packed with up to 21 organic green superfoods (depending on the blend you choose), as well as a proprietary enzyme and probiotic complex, our Supergreens blends provide the body with a dose of what it needs for overall cellular health.

5 - Digestive Enzymes are a must in the cellular healing process. Your body works extra hard to detoxify and restore balance to your compromised cells, and digestive enzymes can offer a strong means of gut support to help your body along the way. Digestive enzymes also help to increase the efficacy of the nutrient-dense foods and supplements we ingest.

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