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Detox From Everyday Toxins With Chlorella

Detox From Everyday Toxins With Chlorella

Sep 20th 2018

Sunfood Chlorella

Did you know that there’s a natural supplement to help you detox from everyday toxins? We’d like to introduce you to chlorella! This freshwater blue-green algae is closely related to spirulina. The main difference being that chlorella is a single-celled organism, while spirulina is multi-celled. Both offer tremendous nutritional benefits but we’re honing in on what chlorella has to offer in terms of daily detoxification.

Every day the majority of us are exposed to a variety of toxins; from our surrounding environment (including water and air) to the foods we eat, beverages we drink, and other synthetic pollutants such as commercial cleaning products and even building materials. While this reality may seem like a bit of a downer, on the flipside we’re extremely grateful for the positives that our modern world provides. But all of these external pollutants we’re exposed to are cause for us to be diligent about taking care of our bodies, and supporting it in the detoxification process is key.

Origin and Basics Chlorella

Widely used and grown in its native Japan and Taiwan, chlorella is one of the oldest known species on the planet. It is highly sustainable as it is able to reproduce up to 8 times per day.

The outer shell of chlorella is hard, making it nearly impossible for us to digest. In supplement form, this hard exterior has been broken to reveal the bioavailable nutrient-rich sources it contains for maximum absorption. The best supplemental forms of chlorella are grown and harvested indoors to prevent outside contamination, then carefully extracted at a low temperature to maintain nutritional integrity. The USDA does not currently offer organic certification for indoor grown chlorella, however, Sunfood Chlorella is grown and processed to organic standards.

Detox Benefits of Chlorella

Chlorella is a well-known source of chlorophyll but also yields a noteworthy dose of protein, magnesium, iron, A and B Vitamins, zinc, and amino acids. However, chlorella is mostly known and utilized for its unique ability to detox the body. The tiny particles of chlorella are able to bind to unwanted toxins and chemicals (such as lead and mercury) and expel them safely through our body’s natural detoxification process. It can even help to support our body’s primary filter, the liver, by clearing its detox pathways without removing the beneficial minerals our bodies need(1).

Several studies, including this one, showcased the tremendous detoxification and protective benefits of chlorella in terms of heavy metal exposure(2).

Other benefits of chlorella include support with blood sugar regulation, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, weight management, cardiovascular health, hormone function, and overall immune support. It is highly studied among cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy to help detox the body from the extreme radiation toxicity. Check out our article, “Kick Heavy Metals and Radiation to the Curb”, for more insight on that topic.

Taking Chlorella for Detox Support

If you are new to the detoxification process it’s best to start slow and work your way up. Chlorella packs a punch in terms of its detox power so we recommend starting small to let your body acclimate. Detox symptoms can affect everyone differently so be gentle and patient with your body, initially. Once your body acclimates it is safe to consume higher amounts, up to 20 tablets per day. You can even add the tablets to your favorite trail mix. Give our Yin Yang Savory Trail Mix a try and let us know what you think.

The detoxification process extends beyond heavy metals to other toxins we are commonly exposed to such as pesticides, water pollutants, air pollution etc. However, when it comes to detoxing from heavy metals specifically, it is highly advised that you undergo this type of treatment with a qualified professional. Especially if you’re heavily exposed to them due to your profession (i.e. car mechanic, welding, construction, painters, etc).

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