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Uplift & Calm - Introducing Maca & Mushrooms

Uplift & Calm - Introducing Maca & Mushrooms

Mar 7th 2020

We centered this balancing blend around Maca root and Reishi mushrooms - two powerful adaptogens.  Maca & Mushrooms is our take on a classic chai with aromatic cloves, ginger, and cinnamon when you need to unwind and let go of the stresses of the day. Honestly, this blend not only tastes creamy and smooth, but it also smells amazing. We paired adaptogenic maca with the calming reishi mushrooms that work together in synergy to help uplift your mood and induce a feeling of contentment.

Why Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are incredible for the body. Mushrooms may help the body perform at an optimal level. Most of us aren’t out foraging on the weekends or don’t care for the taste and texture of freshly cooked mushrooms. That’s where our unique Superfood & Mushrooms Blends come in. With every ingredient in just the right place, Superfood & Mushroom Blends are crafted with your lifestyle in mind. 

Uplift & Calm

Is stress getting the best of you?

We all know the feeling. Maca & Mushrooms supports the feeling of balance and sense of contentment. It can help you ease the stress in the mind and body. 

What's inside?

With every ingredient in its right place, Maca & Mushrooms is centered around calming Reishi mushrooms and adaptogenic Maca root. An adaptogen is a food that can help address the imbalances exactly where it's needed in the body. The ingredients include Reishi Mushrooms, Maca, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, and Coconut. Simply blend with your choice of non-dairy milk. 

Who's it for?

Maca & Mushrooms is for anyone who needs to ease the stress in the body and mind. Nourishing your body with Maca & Mushrooms every day can help balance your mood and help address stress in the body.

At Sunfood, we create products with a purpose. Every blend starts with carefully selected ingredients that we source locally and all over the world from the farms where the art of cultivating superfoods has been perfected. We then masterfully combine the ingredients into blends that fit a specific purpose of your unique lifestyle.
Maca & Mushrooms

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