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Sleep Better With These Superfoods

Sleep Better With These Superfoods

Aug 6th 2019

Trying to improve your sleep? There are superfoods you can eat to accomplish just that. Even if you’re getting a good night's rest, sleep quality can be improved. How? By providing our bodies with nutrients to optimize our sleep. So whether you’re dealing with a mild case of insomnia or looking to improve your sleep quality, try these superfoods. 

Goji Berries

B vitamins are vital for so many reasons and stress is one of them. Stress can be one of the key reasons we don’t sleep well because our minds are running a mile a minute trying to solve every problem within our day-to-day lives. Goji Berries are rich in B vitamins and also contain iron, amino acids, and melatonin all of which can help to manage overall stress levels and provide enhanced sleep support.


While we’re on the B vitamins kick, let’s throw some Almonds into the mix because they, too, provide a healthy dose of these important sleep-supportive nutrients. They’re also rich in potassium. Both nutrients provide calming support to our central nervous systems to help us relax. Swap a sugary dessert with a mix of almonds, goji berries, and Cacao for a restful snack to help you snooze, with nutritious benefits.

Pumpkin Seeds

We commonly hear of the sleepytime effect that tryptophan brings after Thanksgiving dinner, for example. Well, this rest-promoting amino acid is abundant in Pumpkin Seeds! A 100 gram serving of pumpkin seeds can pack up to 600mg of tryptophan. In addition, it provides a solid dose of zinc - a precursor to boosting serotonin levels - which then equates to melatonin production.

Golden Milk Super Blend

Turmeric, the primary ingredient in golden milk, is naturally soothing to the body helping to reduce inflammation and balance blood sugar levels. It also acts as a gentle detoxifier to your liver and digestive tract. When we sleep, our bodies go through a repair process. The anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects are an added benefit to consuming turmeric. Sipping Golden Milk as a warm evening elixir is a calming treat that can help repair, renew, and refresh your body while in dreamland.

Hemp Seeds

While it might seem obvious that hemp seeds could induce feelings of sleepiness, it’s not due to what you might think in terms of the plant they produce. Hemp seeds are extremely high in minerals and magnesium is one of them. There’s a good deal of information and natural health products dedicated to magnesium and its calming effects on the body. Consuming magnesium-rich foods, like Hemp Seeds, can help with natural sleep support. As a society, the majority suffer from some form of magnesium deficiency, which makes it even more important to consume healthy, whole foods, that contain this mineral. A serving of hemp seeds can offer up to 50% of the recommended daily dose. Pro tip: if you’re looking to up the ante on your magnesium intake, give our topical Magnesium Oil spray a try for a higher benefit!

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