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11 Not-So-Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

11 Not-So-Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

Sep 21st 2016

thumbSeptember 21, 2016 By: Molly W. Nutritionist B.S., M.S., Superfood lover, Sunfoodie Woman-winter-cold-600x481

11 Not-So-Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

You’re healthy, you eat well and exercise, but it’s still hard to escape the “fall flu.” Yet we all have one or two coworkers or friends who never seem to catch the bug (I’m looking at you Cassie!).

It’s ok to admit that we might be a bit jealous of them. And confused… I mean how do they do it?

Maybe you are one of these lucky people. Do you know why?

Is it superhuman abilities, or crazy amazing genetics?

Here’s the big surprise: there is no big surprise.

There are no secrets; most of it is just common sense. It’s the follow-through that’s the hard part. But if you can do most of these practices consistently, you might find yourself thinking, “when was the last time I got sick?”

Add in some superfoods to boost your immunity and you’ll be all set! 

1. They wash their hands, often. 

This one may seem like a no brainer, but those that don’t get sick wash their hands more than the average bear.

And what is average? Well a recent survey showed that about 70% of people do not wash their hands with soap and warm water…I’m going to let that sink in for a moment.1

Rinsing those beautiful hands is the single most effective way of decreasing your chances of catching something nasty!2

To reduce your chances of catching a bug lather up before you eat, after coming into contact with someone who’s feeling under the weather, and of course after you use the restroom.

 2. They can find Zen amongst the chaos.

Stress activates the immune system, which is beneficial in the short term but chronic stress can cause immune system burnout, leading to getting sick.3

Those superhumans who rarely get the sniffles tend to find ways to manage their stress.

Pressed for time? Give yourself a 5 minute mini break every hour. Get up from your desk and take a walk out side, stretch, or listen to your favorite song. Doing so can give you the mental break you need to feel relaxed and refreshed.

3. They hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. 

60% of the body is made up of water and it is essential for everything from some enzyme reactions to nutrient absorption and utilization.

Every moment we are breathing in a plethora of things – dust, pollen, dander, air pollutants, perfumes, and germs.

Our body’s way of keeping out all of the icky stuff? Mucus, which happens to be mostly, you guessed it, made up of water.

Staying hydrated allows the body to constantly flush out any potential irritants before they turn into something more serious.

4. Their sleep game is strong. 

Getting enough shut-eye actually enhances the immune systems defense against microorganisms, making a well rested person less likely to get sick then their sleep deprived counterpart.4

Remember, 8 hours of sleep is the average and not the rule. It’s ok if you feel awesome after 6 hours or even 10. Follow a sleep pattern that feels right for you!

5. Plants are their friends.

Consuming the rainbow is one of the best ways to decreases your chances of catching that pesky cold that’s been going around.

And we’re not taking about the Skittles rainbow…

Fruits as well as vegetables have been shown to reduce inflammation and provide a variety of macro- and micro-nutrients essential for immune function.5

Load up on an assortment of your favorite produce each day to rev up your immune system.

Or try Superfood Smoothie Mix for a convenient blend of 13 superfoods.

6. Their glass is always half-full.           

Staying positive and optimistic can be beneficial in many area of life.

Not only has it been associated with improved outcomes of certain conditions but it has also been shown to boost the immune system too!6

Pick a different positive mantra to live by each week. It can be as simple as, “My body is healthy, strong, and beautiful.”

Write it on a sticky note and place it somewhere you know you will see it, like your bathroom mirror or computer at work, and take a moment each day to say those words in your head.

7. They eat foods high in vitamin C.

Certain immune cells, called t-cells and phagocytes, require vitamin C to function.7

People who consume foods high in vitamin C daily improve their chances of staying healthy.

What about a vitamin supplement? Probably not.

Not only do they tend to not be pricey, but they are usually in the form of ascorbic acid derived from GMO corn!

Instead opt for foods naturally high in vitamin C such as oranges, bell peppers, and even our powdered camu camu berry that has better bioavailability and tastes great!

8. They break a sweat.           

Hitting the gym for a sweat sesh will do more than make you look good.

It’s actually been linked to reduced incidents of infections.8

The key here is consistency. Get up and get moving for at least 30 minutes per day.

Not a fan of the gym? That’s ok! Try going for a walk around your neighborhood or meeting up with a couple of friends after work to play tennis or hit up a local yoga class.

9. They follow Marvin Gay’s advice and Get It On. 

Yes you read that right!

Individuals who have sex at least once or twice per week have higher levels of immune antibodies than those who don’t.9

10. Their Social Network extends beyond Facebook.           

Need another excuse to spend some much needed quality time with your bestie?

Those with a strong social network are able to fight off colds and the flu better than those with out.10

Some scientists believe this is due to the fact that when we hang out with our friends our bodies produce lower levels of the stress hormones catecholamine and glucocorticoids, which decreases the chances of getting sick.

11. They DO get sick, but they take care of themselves. 

Everyone gets sick, even those who seem to “never get sick.” So this one is not a tip to prevent you from getting ill but rather one for what to do when you actually start to feel under the weather.


Plain and simple I know, but resting when you actually are sick can shorten the duration of your cold. Don’t try to work through it, you don’t have to “tough it out,” just take it easy and let your body do its thing.


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