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Can You Avoid Aging, Disease & Weight Gain?

Can You Avoid Aging, Disease & Weight Gain?

Dec 23rd 2013

Discover the Power of the Superfood of Superfoods

The 3 Most Common Conditions We Strive to Avoid:


  • Aging
  • Disease
  • Weight Gain



What if there were a single superfood that could fight all three?



Meet the acai berry.

First of all, just to clarify, acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) really isn’t a berry at all! It’s actually a palm fruit with a single seed that grows in floodplain areas of the Amazon River.

OK, technicalities aside, acai is often touted as “The Superfood of Superfoods” due to its long list of health benefits.

But watch out - many acai products on the market have reduced nutritional value because they’re adulterated with additives and fillers. Rest assured, our acai powder has none of these, nor is it an extract or a concentration; it’s simply the beautiful deep purple pulp of the acai fruit – freeze-dried, certified organic and non-GMO.

So how can acai help fight aging, disease and weight gain?

It all starts with antioxidants. Ever see an apple turn brown once you slice it? That’s oxidation. Antioxidants works against this process by fighting free radicals in the body which lead to aging and disease.

Acai PowderAcai berries are jam-packed with antioxidants, a fact that has been confirmed time and time again by scientific research. One study observed "individual increases in plasma antioxidant capacity of up to 2.3- and 3-fold for acai juice and pulp, respectively" when comparing the antioxidant levels in the blood of healthy human volunteers taking acai versus control groups.Basically, this means that acai pulp tripled the antioxidant levels of the people taking acai.

Another study confirmed acai’s anti-aging potential, observing that "acai has the potential to antagonize the detrimental effect of fat in the diet and alleviate oxidative stress in aging."2

“Amazing acai powder! I have so much energy. I am 61-years-old but I still work a like a young person - 9 to 11 hours. Thank you for acai powder!” – Hye


Know Anyone Affected by Heart Disease or Diabetes?

Sad but true: Most of you will likely answer yes to this question. The good news is that acai has shown some promising potential in reducing the risk factors for these two diseases; one study revealed that overweight individuals taking acai experienced "reductions in fasting glucose and insulin levels...there was also a reduction in total cholesterol levels."3 These results led researchers to conclude that "consumption of acai pulp reduced selected markers of metabolic disease risk [which is defined as] a cluster of risk factors for cardiovascular disease and/or type-2 diabetes."3


Let’s Talk about Weight, Before It’s Too Late

Acai PowderHow can we discuss heart disease and diabetes without addressing the subject of weight? According to the National Institutes of Health, "The  higher your BMI [body mass index], the higher your risk for certain diseases such as heart  disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems,  and certain cancers.4

Here comes the power of acai once again. Researchers have found that "body weight [was] reduced by ASE [acai seed extract].5 Because the study also found that acai reduced "plasma triglyceride [fats in the blood], total cholesterol, glucose levels, and insulin resistance," researchers concluded that acai provides "an alternative nutritional resource for prevention of MS [metabolic syndrome].5
So, can acai help fight aging, disease, and weight gain? Science indicates YES! Now you decide…

“Great way to start your day! I love acai powder and use it every morning in my smoothie! I love the color and it makes my smoothie taste even better!!” – E.M.S.


The Sunfood Difference

Not an extract or concentration, our acai powder is certified organic, non-GMO, and free of additives and fillers. It’s the purest acai available, ensuring that the nutrients are alive and ready to deliver the health benefits to you.



How to use Acai PowderAdd to juices, smoothies, nut milks or yogurt. Check out this delicious recipe for Essential Acai Fudge!

“This stuff tastes real. It’s totally delicious, and I can feel the pure vitality from it when I eat it. It’s so yummy mixed in smoothies and looks gorgeous too!! Definitely a daily staple.” – Em

One superfruit to fight aging, disease and weight gain!

Experience the benefits of the “Superfood of Superfoods” today!

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