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Do You Know What Your Cough Is Telling You??

Do You Know What Your Cough Is Telling You??

Nov 16th 2014

Do You Know What Your Cough Is Telling You??

Tis the season… of many mysterious coughs. From the changing weather to the impact of year end allergies, each cough has an underlying message from your inner command center—do you know how to decode them?

We all get a cough at some point, save this article in case you get one this Winter!

It’s Probably Not What You Think.

Before you walk out of your front door and into your doctor’s office, try to determine what your immune system is telling you… you’re probably not as out of order as you think. Coughing doesn’t always equate to sickness!

The Dry Cough (AKA The Reflex Cough)

The cough we come into contact with most often is known as the “dry cough.” It is super common and super irritating… But why is it dry? Because you’re not producing any phlegm or expelling any kind of wet irritation.

WeeBee Honey

Generally this is called a “reflex cough” due to the body naturally defending itself against environmental contaminants. You can also experience this cough post-cold or when exposed to respiratory irritants such as dust, dander or heavily polluted areas.

The Superfood Solution:

A little bit of natural honey and organic lemon in hot water will soothe the roughness of your throat. Also try a few drops of silver!

The Barking Cough

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like… loud, dry and hoarse, like a bark. The barking cough is generally brought on by a swollen respiratory tract.

This can be anything from a common cold to smoke inhalation, or from severe climate or altitude changes to dust, pollution or dander-heavy areas. But what if its croup?!? Do you have a fever? If so – call the Doc. If not, proceed with natural remedies!

The Superfood Solution:

While there is no “approved” method to naturally “heal” a barking cough – we have found that drinking wild-crafted Cat’s Claw Tea gently soothes irritation and inflammation of the respiratory tract. If the cough progresses, it’s always best to get in touch with your preferred medical practitioner.

Productive Chest Cough

Don’t worry, it’s not serious; this is also called the “wet cough.” A productive cough just means you are producing some type of phlegm – your body is getting rid of the irritation in your lungs. When you body does this naturally, let it. It is doing its job!

Sunfood Camu Camu PowderSuppressing it with OTC syrups or suppressants causes the phlegm to sit in the lungs, gradually worsening the condition . Allow your immune system to do what it is meant to – cough out the bad stuff!

The Superfood Solution:

Sure, this type of cough can sound weird and feel uncomfortable, but a honey, lemon & camu camu mixture combined with hot water or tea can soothe the irritation!

Breathing in a natural peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil is also a great way to open up the passage between the lungs and the throat, allowing the body to rid the cough naturally and productively.

However….If the condition becomes worse or the expelled phlegm becomes a strange color, it’s time to call the Doc. 

Learn more about different types of coughs and how to identify them Here!

The best way to handle a cough? Prevent it!

Sunfood Oceans Alive 2.0 Marine PhytoplanktonWith a healthy diet composed of superfoods, supplements and daily vitamins and minerals – you are honoring your immune system (AKA your command center) and giving it the nutrients it needs to fight off common coughs, naturally!

Our Oceans Alive® 2.0 Phytoplankton has everything you need for healthy immune support, and adding antioxidant rich Goji Berry Powder to your daily smoothies can help defend against free radical damage.

Try your favorite combination, and stay healthy throughout the winter season!