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How to Avoid This Toxic Substance on Dinner Tables Everywhere

Aug 10th 2013

The Truth About
Toxic Table Salt

Way back in 1953, a study exposed the toxicity of table salt, otherwise known as sodium chloride (NaCl), linking its consumption to "sustained arterial hypertension" (high blood pressure), "renal failure" (kidney), and "edema" (swelling due to water retention).1 Did that stop this toxic substance from being on practically every dinner table in the US? Nope.


Fifty years later, the same findings were confirmed, plus revelations that high intakes of NaCl can cause "vomiting, ulceration of the gastrointestinal tract, muscle weakness and renal damage..." and even "musculoskeletal abnormalities" during pregnancy.2 It can also "increase the risk of kidney stone formation" and has been "associated with stomach cancer in human populations with traditional diets of highly concentrated, salted foods."2

The Solution is Natural Salt

Modern day table salt has become a highly-refined industrial commodity, massively altered from its original, health-giving state. Salt is absolutely essential to life because it "helps with the function of nerves and muscles. It also helps to keep the right balance of fluids in your body."3 Do you want highly refined, industrial salt or the real thing loaded with trace minerals and health benefits?

Customer Review – Fine Kalahari Desert Salt

"Fancy addition to your kitchen" Review by Nick

A year ago, I would have scoffed at spending anything above the minimum cost for salt, but thanks to a few friends, now I know better. Salt can make a BIG impact! I read about Kalahari and decided to take the plunge... this is tasty stuff. It’s cheap and I usually just refill my dispenser right from the bag.

Kalahari Desert Salt

Kalahari Desert Salt

Kalahari Desert Salt (coarse and fine) is harvested in a pristine area of South Africa where three underground streams converge on a layer of pure salt deposits untouched by man. The pure water dissolves the salt and creates a brine solution that is then gently dried by the desert sun to create pure, mineral rich Kalahari Desert Salt.

Pink Himalayan Salt
Pink Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt comes from deep within the Himalayan mountains. 250 million year old pure salt crystals are harvested by hand, crushed into a fine powder and dried in the sun. This delicious natural salt contains a trace mineral complex that may naturally harmonize the body’s alkaline/acidity balance and regulate water content. In addition, the high quality sodium can help facilitate the normal absorption of nutrients from food. 

Creative Ideas!

Use Pink Himalayan salt or Kalahari Desert salt in place of table salt in all of your recipes. These natural salts can also be used to make many home remedies such as eye wash and sinus flushes, skin scrubs, masks and more.

You can also make sole (so-lay), a saturated salt solution that is the ultimate way to experience the health potential of pure, natural salt. Make sole by adding enough salt to pure water so that the salt can no longer dissolve and sits at the bottom of your jar. Let the mixture sit overnight and then each morning before breakfast, add 1 teaspoon of sole to a tall glass of pure water and drink.

Avoid toxic table salt and experience the health benefits of pure salt today!

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