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How to make ALL your meals burst with flavor! Introducing be Runa!

How to make ALL your meals burst with flavor! Introducing be Runa!

Feb 2nd 2015

be Runa Seed Salts and Seed Sweets

Sweeten & Spice Up Your Life

be Runa Seed Salts and Seed Sweets

From simple seeds come incredibly robust and tantalizing seasonings like nothing you've had before. be Runa Seed Salts and Seed Sweets are a health conscious mix of superseeds, superfoods, and spices delivering a full dimensional flavor profile.

We were blown away by the fact that organic, healthy ingredients were used to create such heavenly flavors.

Full of superfoods like chia, hemp, flax, camu camu, mangosteen, cacao, maca and more, there's no better way to add an explosion of flavor to your recipes.

The six flavor options are extraordinarily versatile, letting you experiment and get creative with just about any dish or dessert.

Seed Salt flavors:
Curry, Black Truffle, and Garlic Cayenne

Seed Sweet flavors:
Cinnamon Spice, Coconut Cacao, and Berry Vanilla

Try the Seed Salts on:
Spinach, avocados, noodles, kale, quinoa, eggs, meat, salads, veggies, potatoes, rice... or virtually anything you want to add a touch (or more) of spice and zest.

Try the Seed Sweets on:
Yogurt, fruit, toast, oatmeal, smoothies, cereal, popcorn, cottage cheese, ice cream, frozen yogurt or even out of the palm of your hand!

About be Runa

be Runa is a San Diego based company founded on the vision of all humans living their fullest expression. Their mission is to offer products that support living a healthy and inspired life.

Seed Salt and Seed Sweet are an expression of the be Runa philosophy of humans living fully alive. The seed is the essence of life itself... the object in which wonders work.

Edible seeds are tiny treasure troves of flavor, intense nutrition and medicine. They contain the whole future plant in embryo form. Pure potential! Just like the seeds of infinite possibility waiting to be realized within each of us.

Moved by this magic, Seed Salt and Seed Sweet were born! A combination of different organic seeds, superfoods, mineral salts and spices handcrafted in small batches with lots of love!

Use daily as your upgraded table salt or seasoning. They are Organic, Gluten free, non GMO, Vegan, Paleo and mostly Raw!  Your tastebuds will love them and your body will thank you! Simply Enjoy!

Click here to explore be Runa Seed Salts and Seed Sweets!

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