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If There’s One Thing You Can’t Live Without, This Is It

If There’s One Thing You Can’t Live Without, This Is It

Feb 3rd 2014

Beauty Enzymes

“Life could not exist without enzymes.”- Dr. Edward Howell

Do you ever eat a big meal and get that feeling like you need to loosen your belt a notch? Your stomach bloats, you feel heavy and sluggish, and you realize that a nap is in order. That’s when your body gets to work producing the enzymes that your body needs to process your big meal.

However, digestion isn’t the only thing you need enzymes for. These complex proteins are literally essential to life.

According to Dr. Edward Howell, pioneer in the field of enzyme research, enzymes do more than convert nutrients into forms that your body can use:

“Enzymes also aid in converting the prepared food into new muscle, flesh, bone, nerves, and glands. Working with the liver they help store excess food for future energy and building needs. They also assist the kidneys, lungs, liver, skin, and colon in their important eliminative tasks. Perhaps it would be easier to write about what enzymes don't do, for they are involved in almost every aspect of life!”1

beauty enzymes

The purest and most potent plant-based enzymes on the market, our Beauty Enzymes are the best way to get extra enzymes for digestion, energy and longevity. The results people have been experiencing are extraordinary!

Check out these reviews:

“These enzymes have changed my life! No other enzymes or probiotics have ever done anything for me. At the age of 40 I started suffering from a constant bloated belly even when I didn't eat anything and I felt tired 24/7. I'm thin and only weigh 108lbs but I looked like I was 5 months pregnant!"

"The doctors said my stomach felt hard and sent me to have an ultrasound and they didn't find anything. I stumbled across these Beauty Enzymes and read the reviews and thought they were worth a try. In one word these are AMAZING! I don't feel anything when I take them but my digestive system runs perfectly and I have more energy! Thank you Sunfood! You have the most amazing quality products. I love you Sunfood!” - Tamralynn

“I don’t have too much of a problem digesting foods but when I tend to overeat, these come in handy. They are also perfect between meals, because they give me great energy. I love to have them around especially for upset stomachs and for family members who are on the SAD diet [Standard American Diet]. My sister is in love with them, and every time she comes over, she begs me for some.” - J-Chags

Enzymes & Cooked Food

According to Dr. Howell, “Enzyme activity can be retarded or inhibited by low temperatures, high temperatures, and the presence of salts or heavy metals, dehydration and ultraviolet radiation.”  This means that cooking or freezing food can destroy the enzymes that your body needs for crucial functions.

Cooked Vegan FoodDr. Ann Wigmore, founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute, put it another way:

“Eighty-five percent or more of the vitamins and enzymes are lost in cooking! Cooking kills the enzymes necessary for proper digestion.”

Since heat destroys enzymes, your body has to work extremely hard to produce the enzymes it needs when you eat cooked food. This is dangerous because it depletes what Dr. Howell calls your “enzyme bank account.”

You’re born with an enzyme supply that naturally decreases with age, so the faster you empty your bank account, the shorter your life. Could this mean that you’ll live longer if you get your dietary enzymes?

Dr. Howell performed humane animal research in which he fed one set of rats a totally cooked diet and another set a partly raw diet. He found that the animals eating the diet with raw foods lived 30% longer than those on the cooked diet.

What You Can Do

Let’s face it, most people don’t eat a 100% raw food diet. And that’s fine, because there are actions you can take to provide your body with the enzymes you need. Eat as much raw food as you can and give your body a boost with the highest quality enzyme supplements on the market.

Digestive SystemOur Beauty Enzymes are a safe and effective way to help your body digest food lacking in enzymes so that you don’t have to tap into your “enzyme bank account.” It is essential to note that they are plant-based because animal-based enzymes that generally come from ox bile or pig pancreas work in a specific pH, while plant-based enzymes work within a broad range of pH, just like our stomachs do.

Completely pure, Beauty Enzymes are literally one of the most potent and complete enzyme formulas on the market today.

More Customer Reviews:

“I can't see myself ever going without Beauty Enzymes. Before, when I ate, my stomach would expand to look like I was pregnant even before my meal was finished, but now since I've been taking Beauty Enzymes, that problem is gone!” - Beth

“I've been taking enzymes for a while but just started these three weeks ago. So far I'm very impressed because I'm no longer gassy. My husband wants to start taking them too!” - Jill

“I had given up on digestive enzymes, not ever benefitting from taking them. I couldn't ignore the good reviews for this product all over the internet and reluctantly ordered them. I am close to ordering my 4th bottle! These are incredible and worth every penny!” - Dede

Sources: 1 - Enzyme Nutrition: The Food Enzyme Concept, Dr. Edward Howell. Avery, 1985.

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