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It All Started with Phytoplankton

It All Started with Phytoplankton

Jun 24th 2013

Marine Phytoplankton

It All Started with Phytoplankton

Did you know that according to NASA, marine phytoplankton produces up to 90% of the oxygen on Earth?

Largely responsible for the air you breathe, these microscopic plants are also at the base of the marine food chain, meaning that phytoplankton supports all life in the ocean. This is important for us as well, because gram for gram, these tiny organisms just might be the most nutrient-dense food on the planet.


Even MDs Agree!

According to Dr. Hugo Rodier, MD: “There are very few products that provide all, or even most, of the raw materials to make new cells and sustain the existing ones. The problem is that we need all of them at the same time for things to work. One of those rare products that contains almost everything you need for life (and the rebuilding of cells) is marine phytoplankton. It contains all nine amino acids that the body cannot make. The essential fatty acids are also present (Omega-3 and Omega-6). Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D and major and trace minerals are all present in phytoplankton.”


Customer Review

"It makes an amazing difference in my energy level, much younger people cannot keep up with me, they are always wondering how it is that I got so much energy.” - Roy, Sunfood Customer



The Sunfood Difference

Our raw marine phytoplankton is carefully grown inside a highly-regulated, simulated oceanic environment. This is to ensure the purity of the phytoplankton and prevent contamination from chemicals and contaminants which are, unfortunately, increasingly found in our oceans. To create the unique liquid nutrient combination, the live marine phytoplankton biomass is transferred from a centrifuge and immediately blended into an ocean derived concentrated ionic trace mineral solution. This concentrated solution is highly beneficial to human health as it contains more than 90 ionic and trace minerals and is produced using a natural evaporation process employing the sun and the wind, which eliminates 93% of sodium.


Recommended Use

Begin with a few drops and work your way gradually to a dropperful a day. Phytoplankton is best taken alone under the tongue, or you may also combine with a smoothie or water. Get creative and try this Super Green Marine Phytoplankton Dressing!


Super Green Marine Phytoplankton Dressing


Food For Thought

Human plasma has a remarkably similar chemical composition to seawater. Our bodies need the micro-nutrients and trace elements found in marine phytoplankton. Jacques Cousteau once said, “The future of nutrition is found in the oceans.”



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