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Nature’s Most Unique Sweet & Smoky Ancestral Food

Nature’s Most Unique Sweet & Smoky Ancestral Food

May 14th 2014

Sunfood Mesquite Powder


Mesquite: A Little Pod with a lot of Boom!

A highly revered superfood in ancestral cultures, Mesquite Powder boasts an impressive variety of proteins, heart healthy fiber, immune boosting vitamins and essential minerals. Mesquite’s combination of calcium and magnesium "make it ideal for maintaining normal bone health, which may aid in the prevention of osteoporosis,” 1according to the University of Yokohama.

Beyond bone health, Mesquite also has great value in its ability to help balance blood sugar levels. The sugars in Mesquite come from fructose as opposed to glucose. Fructose does not require insulin for the body to use it. The soluble fibers found in mesquite cause it to be digested more slowly than foods like wheat or corn, which can cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

A special phytochemical called quercetin occurs naturally in Mesquite, which has been found to play a fundamental role in reducing chronic neuro-inflammation. A recent study conducted by  the University of Torino states that “Quercetin improved permeation across the blood-brain barrier into the brain, reaching target cells which may prevent or reduce [inflammation] progression.”2


What is Mesquite?

Mesquite is a leguminous tree found in some of Mother Earth’s driest climates. From the northernmost point of California to the teeny-tiny tip of Chile, Mesquite has been utilized by indigenous peoples for centuries. This ancestral food was traditionally prepared by removing the seed pods from the tree to be sun-dried, and ground slowly into a fine powder. Our ancestors made this powder into a meal, which served as the primary base for many foods still found today in American Southwestern cultures. 

Known as the “Tree of Life” by Native American cultures, Mesquite has been known to contribute every part of the tree for food, medicine, fabric and flour. The blooming flowers of the tree are cultivated for their syrup, which is turned into a unique spiced honey, and the bark of the tree is smoked to create the famous base for an American favorite—Mesquite barbecue flavoring. The most historic use of the mesquite tree, however, is the harvest of the seed pods - ground into a nutritionally dense flour or meal.


The Sunfood Difference

Most mesquite powders on the market are quite coarse and grainy and taste slightly toasted. Our certified organic, non-GMO Mesquite Powder is processed at low temperatures to preserve delicate enzymes and nutrients. The raw powder has a sweet, rich, molasses-like flavor with a hint of caramel and blends well into smoothies and recipes, especially those with Cacao and Maca.



How to use Mesquite

Mesquite’s unique flavor lends itself deliciously to a variety of savory or sweet dishes. Its taste has been described as rich, nutty, and molasses-like with a hint of caramel. Try combining Mesquite with Cacao Powder and Maca Powder in a creamy smoothie, use to flavor a salad dressing, or add it to your soups for an authentic ancestral experience!




Try our Sweet & Savory Honey Glazed Mesquite Nut Clusters! Pumpkin seeds, Cashews, Almonds, Cacao Nibs and Golden Berries are drenched in a layer of Wee Bee Honey and Mesquite, lightly topped with Coconut Palm Sugar & Pink Himalayan Salt for an unbelievable snack experience!
Honey Glazed Mesquite Nut Cluster

Discover what your ancestors knew about mesquite: Incredible flavor and amazing health benefits!

Sunfood Mesquite Powder, 1lb

Mesquite Powder


Sunfood Mesquite Powder, 2.5lb

Mesquite Powder


1. Department of Biomedical Engineering, Toin University of Yokohama, 1614 Kurogane-cho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, 225-8503, Japan.
2. Department of Drug Science and Technology, University of Torino, Torino, Italy.

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