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No Other Sweetener on the Planet Can Do This

No Other Sweetener on the Planet Can Do This

Nov 5th 2014

Do You Know This Superfood?

It looks like a potato but it’s a relative of the Sunflower family. It tastes a little bit like honey, and a little bit like sweet molasses. It’s an Andean root -- but it’s mostly known for being a natural sweetener. Do you know what we’re talking about?

Native to Peru and used for thousands of years by indigenous people, this superfood  is now recognized all over the world for its impressive low glycemic qualities and superior taste.

We’re talking about Yacon Syrup!!!

One of the most versatile products of its kind, it can be used in place of traditional sweeteners such as honey, agave, stevia, or maple syrup in just about every recipe you can imagine!

A great addition to coffee or tea and even atop pancakes – this is truly the best option out there!

“I use Yacon syrup for so many things - in cookies, on squash - other places where I might use Molasses.” – Chelea

How Low Can You Go?

Sunfood Yacon SyrupThe glycemic index, a tool used to indicate how quickly a specified amount of food will cause a rise in blood sugar level, is used for diabetics, people with sugar sensitivities, or as a guide to help you lose weight.

The lower the glycemic index of a food is, the lower the rise in blood sugar. Yacon syrup scores an impressive 1 on the index – compared to honey at a 50, maple syrup at a 54 and molasses at 55.

Yacon is high in dietary fibers known as fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which the body recognizes differently than glucose. Therefore it has little, if any, effects on blood sugar levels. It also contains inulin which functions as a prebiotic to help control flora in the intestine, meaning that it may improve normal gastrointestinal health.

Our Yacon Syrup is completely pure, unlike many other yacon products which have popped up on the market to capitalize on the media’s recent highlight of this product as a weight loss aid. You can rest assured that ours is organic, completely pure, and free of any additives or fillers.

Go On, Sweetness…While moderation is key for any sweet treat, yacon is the essential sweetener for all of your dessert recipes! Yacon has little to no effect on your blood sugar, and its power as a prebiotic can aid digestion and help you lose weight.