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The Most Unexpected Way to Lose Weight

The Most Unexpected Way to Lose Weight

Mar 26th 2014


Eating Nuts Makes You Fat

Do you think that eating nuts will make you fat? Think again! A research study reviewing 31 clinical trials found that “compared with control diets, diets enriched with nuts did not increase body weight, body mass index, or waist circumference in controlled clinical trials.”1

We now know that healthy plant fats (the kind found in nuts) aren’t typically the weight gain culprits; it’s processed sugars and starches that tend to pack on the pounds and lead to health problems.

That’s right, science has confirmed that eating nuts does not make you gain weight. But the real question is; can eating nuts actually help you lose weight?


You Can't Eat Fat and Lose Weight

AlmondsNot true! Let's look at a study of 65 overweight individuals who were split into two groups: one eating a low calorie diet rich in almonds, and one eating a low calorie diet rich in complex carbs. Amazingly, the study revealed that those eating almonds lost a whopping 62% more weight than those eating complex carbohydrates.2 The group eating almonds also experienced a 56% greater reduction in fat mass and 50% greater reduction in waist circumference.2 Take THAT, fat-free diet foods!

Researchers concluded that “the almond-LCD [Low Calorie Diet] group experienced a sustained and greater weight reduction.” They also stated that “almond supplementation…has a potential role in reducing the public health implications of obesity.”2

Quick heads up about almonds: Most almonds sold as “raw” are actually pasteurized. We purchase our organic heirloom almonds from Italy to ensure that they are truly raw; they never undergo steam pasteurization, or any other heat treatment. This ensures that delicate nutrients remain alive!


Go Nuts for Your Favorite Nut

Brazil NutsIt’s not just almonds we’re talking about in terms of weight management; all your favorite nuts can help! One study found that out of 8865 adult participants, the ones “who ate nuts two or more times per week had a significantly lower risk of weight gain…than those who never or almost never ate nuts.”3 Researchers stated that “these results support the recommendation of nut consumption as an important component of a cardioprotective diet and also allay fears of possible weight gain.” 3

Still not a believer? Consider that research has shown that not only are nuts beneficial for weight loss, but for decreasing the risk of all too common health conditions. One study determined that “nut consumption was associated with a decreased body mass index [and] waist circumference” as well as “a decreased prevalence of selected risk factors for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and MetS [metabolic syndrome].”4


So go ahead and eat your nuts — for health AND pleasure!

CashewsOur raw, organic, and certified non-GMO tree nuts are the very best nuts available: super fresh, tasty, unpasteurized, and sustainably grown!


Did we mention tasty? Check out what people are saying!

Raw Organic Almonds Review
"These are the best tasting almonds I have found in a long time. They actually have the flavor of almond extract which is rare. Most almonds, even organic ones in the health food stores, don't taste anything like these. LOVE them!" – C.M.

Raw Organic Brazil Nuts Review
I never really liked Brazil nuts. I always avoided them in the mixed nuts my mom gets. I heard that they were a great source of selenium so I decided to give them a try. These are delicious! Not rancid tasting like most Brazil nuts. I will definitely be buying these again. Much tastier than a selenium supplement!” – Kelsey

Raw Organic Cashews Review
They really are creamy...even the organic, raw cashews I buy at the grocery store seem a little dry or stale in comparison. Great product, I'm now buying these in bulk as I eat them every day.” – Sam


Go nuts today!


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