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This Little Snack is So Wild it Actually has Tiger Stripes

This Little Snack is So Wild it Actually has Tiger Stripes

Sep 10th 2014

Not Your Average Peanut!

Did you know what America’s favorite snack-nut is? Accounting for over two-thirds of all nuts consumed in the U.S, Peanuts come in at number one!


From bars to sporting events and peanut butter to sweet treats, these delicious little snack-nuts are hard to ignore and impossible to put down. But there’s a secret hiding in them…


Mold and Aflatoxins are toxic substances found in most peanuts on the shelves today.


Aflatoxins are “naturally occurring fungal metabolites that have been identified as risk factors for developing liver cancer,” meaning that they are carcinogenic compounds produced by the molds found in foods.1 These molds are caused by environmental factors such as growing, processing and/or storage conditions.


Sunfood Jungle PeanutsOur raw, organic Wild Jungle Peanuts are naturally free of mold and aflatoxins.

This is because these unique heirloom peanuts grow wild within the Amazonian rainforests, far away from civilization where they have been a staple food of the Shuar people for hundreds of years.


Our Wild Jungle Peanuts are unlike standard grocery store peanuts that have been hybridized to contain higher amounts of fat and sugar.


They’re also more appealing to your eyes and your palate; with a rich golden color and dark brown stripes, these beautiful heirloom peanuts have a delicate flavor that’s smooth, earthy and aromatic.


“I love these peanuts! they are both tender and crispy, are creamier and sweeter tasting than your typical peanut, and have a slight green taste to them, like freshly pealed chickpeas or green peas. They are so much fun to snack on. I have already ordered two more large bags and plan to continue reordering, as long as they are in stock.” – Elizabeth



Peanuts & Your Health!

Sunfood Jungle PeanutsBesides being delicious and versatile, Wild Jungle Peanuts are loaded with health benefits!


Monounsaturated fats may assist in maintaining normal heart health, and regular consumption of these healthy fats have been “associated with reduced cardiovascular disorder.”2


Minerals are a crucial part of our health! With just a ¼ cup serving of our Jungle Peanuts, you consume 13% of your daily RDA of magnesium, 27% manganese, 9% zinc, 6% iron, and 10% phosphorus.


Not to mention the protein punch! With 29% protein by weight and all nine essential amino acids, our favorite legumes are proven to be an excellent source of your daily protein intake.


“Ok here is the real deal when it comes to peanuts, the way nature intended. These are "real" peanuts with "real" taste. Plus again, super healthy and rich in nutrients!” – Alan



Don’t settle for anything less than perfect! Wild Jungle Peanuts are superior in flavor and loaded with health benefits, the others can’t even compare! 



Recipe suggestion: Raw Kelp Noodle Pad Thai
Raw Kelp Noodle Pad Thai


1 – “Carcinogenic Crops: Analyzing the Effect of Aflatoxin on Global Liver Cancer Rates.” Environmental Health Perspectives Journal, June 2010.
2 – “Peanut consumption improves indices of cardiovascular disease risk in healthy adults.” Purdue University, USA, 2003.