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Top 3 Ways to Beat Colds & Flus — Naturally!

Top 3 Ways to Beat Colds & Flus — Naturally!

Oct 11th 2013

Top 3 Ways to Fight Colds & Flus

It’s That Time of Year…
Cold & flu season is upon us. Armor up with these top 3 natural solutions for beating coughs, sniffles, fevers, sore throats and the flu! 1. Power Up with Camu Camu

Camu Camu PowderIt’s a well known fact that vitamin C is an effective defense against colds and the flu.1 Who needs a supplement when a whole food can give you whopping 30 times more vitamin C than oranges? Meet the camu camu berry, an amazing superfruit that is said be one of the highest sources vitamin C in the world. One study observed that camu camu is an anti-inflammatory that is potentially useful “as a functional food for prevention of immune-related diseases.”2What our customers are saying:Just started myself and my husband on camu camu this week, and am feeling better already. My husband was coming down with a cold and this completely reversed it, he could not believe the quick recovery. We have not tried it alone in water, but it tastes great in OJ and smoothies.” – Regina “I work in a pediatric office, where kids just sneeze and wipe their hands wherever. Someone is always sick in our staff. Since using this camu camu powder, I have yet to experience any type of cold/flu symptoms. There is no way I would stop taking this. Plus the amount of vitamin C is easier to take, than eat that much in food. Thanks! Love it.” – Sophia Our raw, organic, non-GMO is hand-picked in the South American rainforest and processed with no additives or fillers. It’s super potent and a little goes a long way—just ½ tsp gives you 350% of the RDA of vitamin C!

2. Raw Honey: Heal a Cough AND Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Raw HoneyHoney is no ordinary sweetener—don’t overlook its medicinal power! When you use honey that’s raw and unpasteurized, you can take advantage of its incredible healing properties.Honey is a natural antioxidant and antibacterial.3 It is proven to have healing effects on coughs caused by upper respiratory infection. One study examined the effectiveness of honey as a treatment for childhood cough, asking parents to compare it with a placebo and dextromethorphan, an over-the-counter cough suppressant. Parents consistently reported that honey worked best to relieve their child's cough symptoms, which in turn improved parent and child sleep quality.4 Another study found that honey was more effective than over-the-counter drugs dextromethorphan and diphenhydramine for treating cough related to upper respiratory infections.5 We’ve got a wonderful selection of honey, all raw and sustainably sourced with compassion for the bees who produce it. Plus all our honeys contain bee pollen, which is the marker of real honey. The Ambrosia comes in delectable flavors like Spicy Ginger and the Wee Bee is extra creamy, containing not just pollen, but propolis and honeycomb. They’re all delicious and super soothing for a sore throat…Check out this rave review for Wee Bee Honey!I tried Wee Bee honey for the first time a couple weeks ago when I was dealing with a scratchy, sore throat and looking for a natural remedy. I was just hoping for a little relief, but what I got was one of the most uniquely delicious and flavorful treats I’d ever experienced, on top of a much faster and more effective remedy than I’d expected. Within a few days, my throat was already feeling much better, but I couldn’t stop eating the honey – I was literally eating it out of the jar with a spoon. I don’t think that’s the suggested use and I’m pretty sure I exceeded the serving amount,  but I couldn’t help myself. Even if you’ve had raw honey before, I highly recommend trying Wee Bee. They take great care of their bees and flowers, and it really comes through in the flavor. And if you have a serious sweet tooth like me, you should try dipping tempered cacao paste in it, and get a chocolaty antioxidant boost.” – JD

3. Silver: Nature’s Antibiotic

Mother Earth Minerals SilverThe moment you feel sickness coming on is the best time to take silver. Revered for centuries for its medicinal power, silver in liquid suspension is now being recognized by modern science for its healing potential for an amazing array of conditions. One study acknowledged silver’s ability to inhibit such viral conditions as HIV and hepatitis B, further concluding that silver is also effective in fighting the flu during the early stages of the virus.6The power of silver goes beyond viruses; another recent study confirmed that silver had “high bactericidal activity” against staph, E. coli, and pseudomonas, as well as fungicidal activity against candida.7 Silver is a healing powerhouse and is perfectly safe as long as you obtain it from a reputable source. The silver that we trust to use whenever we feel like we’re coming down with something here at Sunfood is made by Mother Earth Minerals, available in 2oz and 8oz sizes. This silver is water-soluble, ionic (electrically charged) liquid minerals in angstrom form, which are incredibly tiny: 10,000 times smaller than the smallest colloidal molecules. That means that these minerals are small enough to not just absorb into your body, but assimilate into your cells, which is the key to fully utilizing the benefits of mineral nutrients. Don’t let cold & flu season bring you down—Power up now with these healing superfoods!

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