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Top 5 Recipes to Stop Holiday Weight Gain

Dec 15th 2013

Skip the Holiday Weight Gain This Year!

At this time of year, we feast with our loved ones and when the celebrations are over, the reality sets in as many of us struggle to squeeze into our pants. Yes it’s true - we packed on a few extra pounds. Hastily, we set our New Year’s resolutions to lose the extra weight and rush to join the gym, until next year when the cycle awaits to repeat itself.

Stop right there!

This holiday season, you can stay away from bad fats and processed sugars that pack on the pounds, while never sacrificing your pleasure principle! Here are our favorite holiday superfood recipes that are so delicious, everyone—including any health food skeptics in your family—will only think one thing: yum! The fact that they’re so healthy can be our little secret…

A healthy revamp of a traditional favorite that will have everyone coming back for more.

Surprise your guests with a healthy, raw superfood side dish, perfect for holiday dinners or parties! This raw stuffing is loaded with protein, minerals, antioxidants and LOVE! The fresh herbs in the recipe make all the difference for an incredibly robust flavor.

Sweet, minty, and chocolaty with a boost of minerals and antioxidants.

This luscious smoothie is like a superfood chocolate candy cane in a glass! Loaded with minerals and antioxidants, cacao brings on the chocolate flavor you crave without the junk food.

Indulge in a delicious dessert – raw and guilt-free.

This recipe is sure to be a crowd and family pleaser for your holiday party! You can use anything from a fresh heirloom pumpkin all the way to butternut squash and/or sweet potato.

The taste of classic eggnog, dairy-free with a superfood infusion.

This recipe is absolutely perfect for fall and the colder months of the year. Lucuma adds a rich caramel flavor, and the coconut sugar and vanilla powder round out the recipe.

Fudge that’s so delicious, no one would ever guess it’s healthy!

This fudge is super easy to make and delicious to eat! It is the perfect treat when you need just a bit of something sweet. Plus, if you need a quick gift, these are perfect for giving!

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Here's to Healthy Eating!

- The Sunfood Team