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True or False? These 3 Sweets Are Actually Good For You!

True or False? These 3 Sweets Are Actually Good For You!

Jun 11th 2014

Sweet & Nutritious Fruits

It’s summertime!

The weather is warmer, days are longer and processed sweets are everywhere! Don’t be fooled by the cluster of refined fair foods and high-fructose sugar bombs. Keep some of Mother Nature’s sweetest treats by your side this season for a guilt free, delicious snacking experience!



Sunfood Turkish FigsNaturally sweet and sun-dried, Figs are a perfect addition to any palate this summer! These delicious little treats are a staff favorite at Sunfood headquarters; they disappear faster than candy! Turkish figs are exceptionally sweet, just two of them contain a whopping 10% of your daily RDA of calcium, a vital mineral which may assist in supporting strong bones. They also have an astounding 300 mg of potassium, which may help maintain healthy blood pressure in combination with a low sodium diet. Mission Figs are a rich, chewy dried fruit with tons of nutritional benefits! Besides their sweetness, Mission Figs also offer 12% of your daily RDA of fiber, which may help maintain digestive regularity.


Sunfood Mission Figs“These are great! It's just as good as any cookie or candy.. These remind me of eating Fig Newtons when I was younger!” – Isabella

“The Sunfood mission figs are amazing, they make a great, healthy snack that is sweet but does not overpower you with sugar. Great source of magnesium too.” – Jinx

Sunfood Red Flame Raisins

The Truth About Raisins

Do you hold the common belief that sugar causes cavities? This is only partially true! Processed foods with added sugars tend to be the problem. Our Red Flame Raisins, on the other hand, which are sticky and sweet, actually “contain antimicrobial phytochemicals capable of suppressing oral pathogens associated with caries [cavities] or periodontal diseases and thus benefit oral health.”1 Our plump raisins are organic and raw to ensure that these phytochemicals are not destroyed by heat. Verified by the Non-GMO Project, they are 100% pure with no added sugars or preservatives!

What a delight! I don't remember the last time my family has eaten raisins with seeds. After researching how the seedless ones are made, we had to say no to all things seedless, including raisins. Now we are finally able to reap all the benefits of a good old raisin - in its natural form.” – Kristya

Mangos: The Ultimate Summer Fruit!

Sunfood Mango SlicesEveryone knows that Mangos are at the top of the tropical pyramid of sweetness, but did you know that this irresistible fruit contains a heavy helping of antioxidants, including vitamins A and C? With a buttery, soft texture and a perfectly sun-sweetened taste, these golden snacks are perfect for any event and approved by the whole family! Never processed with added sugars, oils or additives, our Mangos are pure, just as Mother Nature intended. Raw, organic and free from GMO’s, they’ll have you coming back for more!


Check out this mouth-watering recipe for Chocolate Covered Mangos
Chocolate Covered Mangos

“These are the best dried mangos I've had. They are the perfect amount of sweet without tasting like they've been dipped in sugar. They are also nice and soft. Not overly dried. Perfect sweet snack!” –Jessica

For the perfect summer sweet combination, try our Raw Organic Figs, Red Flame Raisins & Mangos today!

Sunfood Turkish Figs

Turkish Figs


Sunfood Red Flame Raisins

Red Flame Raisins, 2lbs


Sunfood Mango Slices

Mango Slices


Sunfood Mango Slices

Mango Slices


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1: The American Institute of Nutrition, “Grape Products and Oral Health” 2009


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