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Easy Vegan Mac & Cheese (Oil Free)

Easy Vegan Mac & Cheese (Oil Free)

Oct 22nd 2020

We love ourselves some Mac & Cheese! Don't you? Any time of year, any time of day. Yes, please! For this recipe we partnered with 

The only vegan mac and cheese recipe you will ever need! This dish is made with simple plant-based ingredients and will be a hit with any vegan or non-vegan you serve it to!

This vegan mac and cheese definitely stole our heart. For one thing, it is SO easy to make and I can have dinner ready in just 30 minutes. Secondly, it requires simple plant-based ingredients that we usually have on hand at home. It basically can become a mac-&-cheese kind of night every night if we really let it be!

To enhance the flavor of the "cheesy" part of the recipe, we used Turmeric Powder. Not only it brightens up the taste, it shines with numerous health benefits. Turmeric is rich in Curcumin - an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that may improve joint health & mobility.

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