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Golden Milk Super Blend

Sep 20th 2017

One & Done

Golden Milk Super Blend has arrived, and it's delicious. Try this turmeric-based herbal superfood blend that nourished you from inside out. It's a unique mix of turmeric, maca, goji berry, cinnamon, ginger, boswellia, cardamom and black pepper that offers gourmand-like characteristics and is mildly sweet.

Enjoy this creamy and frothy elixir that helps support healthy joints and mobility, and regulates inflammation in the body. It's perfect for your morning routine or to help you relax in the evenings after a full day of activities.

Golden Milk Super Blend

Golden Milk Super Blend




10 Minutes


  • 1 tsp Golden Milk Super Blend
  • 1 Cup Coconut milk


  1. Warm milk on stove top then stir in Golden Milk Super Blend
  2. Sweeten if desired with honey or yacon syrup
  3. Serve in mug, garnish with cinnamon
  4. Enjoy!